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Taco Bell has arrived in twin cities:

Taco Bell has arrived in twin cities

four drive-through lanes in the new establishment. The Covid atrocity has brought massive changes to the food industry. The new taco bell building in Brooklyn gives us a preview of the future of the food industry.

“Defy” restaurant design:

the new thing in the town called”defy” restaurant is a new thing in Brooklyn park.

the food will be prepared above four drive-through roads and a takeaway window. a new conveyor system has been put in place for food to be lower down to the pickup counter.

The production capacity of the establishment is twice of a normal taco bell. It can take care of twice the demand.

taco bell is known for its extremely quick drive-through but this time they plan to take less than 2 minutes. according to a study average fast-food take-out time was 5 minutes and 46 seconds but taco bell was the winner with 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

There will be no indoor dining and only food coming down from the conveyor belt. Pandemic made it very clear why people need not mingle and just take away their food. Lee Engler, CEO of border foods told us about this dining-free idea. Border food owns 230 Taco bells.

Before the pandemic, 65%  to 70% of orders were through drive-through lanes. Now the pandemic has gone down but 90% of people are still using the drive-through lanes.

Curiosity: Fast food chains are overloaded with online food delivery app orders and long lines in the drive-through. Now, this new idea of no dining and twice the size of previous taco bells might help.

The CEO said “We saw a lot of behavior change, and we don’t see (the old way) coming back,” source: Axios The lift system project was given to a local Vertical works Inc.Engler found them to be a perfect match for this requirement. Having the kitchen above creates 4 food points. Usually, they have one or two points. One lane will be reserved for loyal old school customers, the rest of the three lanes will be dedicated to online food delivery the ones who order on their phones beforehand there is one pandemic proof contactless service counter inside taco bell.

Border food wants to start new locations similar to Brooklyn. although not every city’s architecture is as friendly as Brooklyn was. CEO also suggested there might be in-house dining in other cities as well. Let’s hope these defy locations help customers and save their time.

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