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DEAN x Club Eskimo Slays at Dallas Concert [Guest]

The line wrapped around the building with excited fans ready for a night of more than just K-pop.

Brought to us by The Yoo Group and Transparent Agency, DEAN and his fellow Club Eskimo crew members MISO, offonoff and 2XXX! make their third stop in Dallas to perform at Gas Monkey Live. This is Club Eskimo’s first American tour, but it didn’t show at all. Everyone was oozing with charisma and charm. Seeing them live was most definitely a treat for the eyes and ears.

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My First Dean Concert [Guest]

So my day started off just as any other day, a quick coffee, snack, then off to work on my computer at home. Except on that day, while checking my emails, I received an offer from the lovely Multifacetedacg Productions to attend DEAN’s concert in Los Angeles as Press! Previously I had heard that the show’s tickets had popped up with very little promotion, and yet, sales had been completely wiped out by fans in less than 2 hours. So naturally, I said heck yeah and took my camera as well as my flat behind straight to The Mayan Theater. When I had arrived, there was a packed crowd of DEAN fans (is there a fan name?) lined up against the sidewalk, bubbling over with excitement, their eyes bright with hope at the moment to see their fave and possibly touch his hand.