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Tarek Assaad whereabouts

Tarek Assaad whereabouts

Tariq Assaad is the brother of the gangster Hamad Assaad who was assassinated in 2016. Tariq was arrested after the assassination of Walid Ahmad at Bankstown Central Retail Centre’s Rooftop Car park for possession of firearms. 

Tariq Assad-

Tariq Assad is a resident of Georges Hall House who came into the limelight after the assassination of his brother Hamad Assaad. He is the founder of Tiab Wedding Automobiles, which allows people to hire extravagant cars for their weddings. He is 35 years old as of now. 

Tarek Assaad whereabouts

Tariq Assaad was arrested in 2017 for possessing firearms and ammunition at his place. He said that these were with him for his defense, for her feared that after his brother’s death through assassination, he would be the next target of the rival gang. However, he was still arrested, and his lawyer then argued against releasing him as he was not released even after completing his jail term. 

Tariq survived an assassination attempt in 2019 at Dalton Avenue in Sydney. He suffered grave injuries and was rushed to the Bankstown Hospital for treatment. Tariq’s wife has been fighting for her husband for a long time, and it was when his case gained the limelight. 

There have been a lot of searches about where Tariq Assaad is today. As of now, he is not in police custody as there is no official record of him being in prison. So there are no exact whereabouts of him. He is probably living and running his business. 

Meanwhile, Hamad Assad was an underworld gangster assassinated in Georges Hall in Sydney. On the 25th of January, 2016, by some unknown gunmen. He had already suffered assassination attempts, but this one took his life. This incident was witnessed by his 12-year-old nephew, and Hamad was 29 years old at that time. 

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