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Ted Sanderson collapsed in school and dies at 14.

Ted Sanderson collapsed in school and dies at 14.

Ted Sanderson me his grandmother only half an hour ago. He told gran ” I love you” those were his last words to his family.

Ted was only 14 when he dies in Woodham Academy in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.

he was immediately rushed to James Cook University Hospital but the medical professionals could not help the young child. The hospital has not given any official reason for death yet.

Ted Sanderson spent time with dad:

Ted was a young soul who enjoyed catching fish, aiming, and music. He spends most of his time with his father Eddie, and Grandfather Keith. 

“Ted Sanderson was a gorgeous boy…so much fun,” Lyn said

“Before he went out I said: ‘I love you, have a good day and he said, ‘I love you Nan’.” told his gran.

His fellow students and teachers are shocked at the death of a young boy in Newton Aycliffe.

Ted Sanderson

As usual, the child was in the school doing school stuff, suddenly his family got a call that child was admitted to James cook hospital. 

Principal Andrew bell about the death:

Woodham Academy principal Andrew Bell informed: “We are very proud of the way the whole school community has pulled together and shown great compassion for Ted and his family.

“All of the students have been talking about the event and comforting each other very well and taking the support and other agencies if required.

“In terms of the messages I have received from the wider community of Newton Aycliffe, in terms of emails, phone calls, and cards has also been quite touching.”

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