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The 16-year teenage girl Dagean Wilson was slashed by a stranger in Brooklyn.

The 16-year teenage girl Dagean Wilson was slashed by a stranger in Brooklyn

Dagean Wilson told that she was unaware of the stabber who crept behind her and stabbed her.

The incident was captured on a CCTV camera. It seems the attacker just did a random attack out of nowhere.

Dagean Wilson is very cautious about going out.

The attack has put fear in her conscious.

Wilson was stabbed while going into the Urban juice bar & grill.

The restaurant is situated at Rutland road Brownsville. This shocking stabbing on the shoulder took place when a random man did it without saying a word.

Osie Lewis,20, has been identified as a possible stabber.

“I felt a sharp pain,” 

“It didn’t feel like I got stabbed or anything, so I just went into the store, and two men came in and told me that I had been stabbed. They said they saw him do it.

Dagean Wilson was unaware of being stabbed. Source: New York times

Osie lewis can be seen on footage while attacking silently on Dagean’s shoulder.

Osie lewis shared what happened that day“They walked me home, and I told my mom what happened,” the teen said.  “I think it was just random. He didn’t know me.”

Wilson’s mother has constituted some new laws for her going out.

Wilson will be accompanied by her sister for any outside work.

“I just keep looking over my shoulder,” 

 “I just keep looking to the side. It’s a bit scary to go outside now. I’m really anxious. It still plays in the back of my head.”

Wilson shared her pain.

Wilson was treated and later released. Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center was a good help.

The police department has not found lewis yet. Lewis was last seen in the footage pairing a Black t-shirt with a lion tattoo, grey sweatpants & white casual shoes.

Police have asked people to share any relevant information about osie 1-800-577-TIPS, or

Wilson has shown her gratitude to NYPD.

“I just want to say thank you,” she said. “It’s probably hard work to find this guy. I appreciate all they put into finding him and people like him.”

Dagean Wilson is currently being taken care of at home and recovering from the stabbing.

“I was going to the store to get something and I guess some guy saw me … and wanted to hurt me,” 

 “It felt like a punch, it hurt. I didn’t want to cause any drama so I left.” Source: NBCnewyork

Wilson’s mother hicks shared her reaction “She just went to the store for five minutes to get ice. For someone to stab her for no reason…right now we’re happy, we’re OK, but the crazy thing is we have no idea who this man is,”  SOurce: NBCnewyork.

Fortunately, the knife has not cut deep and the wound will recover without surgery.

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