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The allegations of child abuse against Brad Pitt are detailed in Angelina Jolie’s countersuit

Angelina Jolie

According to The Associated Press, Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of abusing her and their children in 2016 in a countersuit she filed on Tuesday. The two are currently engaged in a legal dispute over a French winery they formerly shared. This court filing is a part of that dispute.

Jolie allegedly engaged in negotiations with Pitt to sell her stake in their Chateau Miraval winery in France, according to the cross-complaint she filed. Pitt insisted that Jolie sign a nondisclosure agreement in exchange for him buying out her ownership stake in Miraval. This would legally bar Jolie from speaking out about Pitt’s assault in 2016 in public.

The complaint claims that Jolie refused to accede to Pitt’s requests.

While making “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” Jolie and Pitt got to know one another. They welcomed Shiloh, their first child together, in 2006. Their relationship was not made public until January 2007. Officially wed in 2014, Jolie and Pitt announced their separation in 2016. Three of the six children they had together were adopted.

What alleged abuse has Brad Pitt been subjected to?

During an outburst on a flight in September 2016, Jolie claims Pitt behaved abusively toward her and their children.

According to the New York Times, Jolie reportedly accused Pitt of abusing her in 2016. Criminal charges were not brought by the FBI. The FBI report, as reported by The Times, states that “it was agreed by all parties that criminal charges in this matter would not be pursued due to many circumstances.”

The cross-complaint, which was submitted on Tuesday, details Jolie’s claims against Pitt. According to the cross-complaint documents, Pitt acted aggressively as Jolie, Pitt, and their six children were flying from their winery in France to Los Angeles.

According to the file, according to The Associated Press, “Pitt’s hostile behaviour began even before the family got to the airport.” Pitt verbally assaulted Jolie after claiming that she was showing the kids too much deference.

Pitt’s abuse apparently got worse after they were in the air. Pitt allegedly yelled at Jolie in the aeroplane lavatory, repeatedly shook her, and slammed her up against a wall, per court documents from 2016, as reported by The New York Times. After that, Jolie allegedly left after Pitt repeatedly struck the bathroom wall.

The cross-complaint files, according to The Associated Press, state that Pitt “choked one of the children and struck another in the face” during the children’s dispute with him.

According to the cross-complaint documents, Jolie and the kids were left on the plane alone as Pitt “periodically emerged from the back of the plane to rant and swear at them.”

Pitt allegedly dumped a beer on Jolie and then red wine and beer on the kids. Pitt used physical and verbal abuse in an effort to keep Jolie and the kids from boarding the plane and checking into a hotel.

Jolie’s allegations of abuse were “strongly refuted” by a Pitt spokesman, according to NPR, who also called it “another rehash that just hurts the family.”

In a court document, Angelina Jolie describes the alleged mistreatment by Brad Pitt.

According to a court document filed by Angelina Jolie on Tuesday, during a 2016 trip, Brad Pitt allegedly seized her by the head, shook her, choked one of their children, and hit another when they tried to protect her.

The couple’s fight over a French home and winery they co-owned, which is unrelated to their pending divorce, caused Jolie to submit a cross-complaint. This cross-complaint included descriptions of violence on private aircraft.

After the flight, reports of abuse on the plane first came to light, but they were initially vague, and information was withheld in divorce papers and during inquiries by the FBI and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services both of which concluded that no action against Pitt was required.

After a secret trial in which the accusations were made, the judge granted Pitt joint custody of the kids. The ruling was overturned, however, by an appeals court after Jolie filed a request, which disqualified the private judge for failing to disclose potential conflicts of interest.

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