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The champions of the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2022

The champions of the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2022

The Baeksang Arts Awards are usually popular for the paeksang arts Awards. The Baeksang Arts Awards give out the high quality and superiority in films, television, and theater in South Korea. The Baeksang Award was initially launched in 1965 by Chang Key-young. Chang Key-young was the originator of the Hankook Ilbo newspaper, whose anonym name was Baeksang. It was habitual for the enlargement of the Korean famous culture and art. As it also helps in intensifying the morale of artists.

The champions of the 58th Baeksang Arts Award:

The Baeksang Arts Awards are considered one of the most respected and reputable entertainment rewards in South Korea. The Baeksang Arts Award is the only embracing awards ceremony in South Korea. The Baeksang Arts Awards allow accomplishment and admirable work in film, television, and theater. From 2021 to 202, they had some marvelous dramas and entertainment that have astonished us, like the squid game that was a very horrible game of Lee Jung Jae in the popular Netflix drama or maybe the affecting youth-centric drama that was twenty-five, twenty-one.

The grand size of Daesang is Squid Game: The best and most famous dramas are Twenty Five, Twenty One, Squid Game, The Red Sleeve Cuff, and Going to the Blue House Like this.

The champions of the 58th Baeksang Arts Award

The male best actors are Kim Nam Gil being ‘Through the Darkness’ and Lee Jung Jae being ‘Squid Game.’ Lee Junho is the winner of ‘the Red Sleeve Cuff,’ I’m Siwan is the winner of ‘Tracer,’ Jung Hae In is the winner of ‘D.P.’ The female best Actresses are Kim Tae Ri is, the winner of Twenty Five, Twenty One; Kim Hye Soo is, the winner of ‘Juvenile Justice’; Park Eun Bin is, the winner of ‘The King’s Affection’; Lee Se Young is, the winner of ‘the red sleeve Cuff,’ Han So Hee is the winner of ‘My name.’

The Best Supporting Male Actors are Lee Deok Hwa, the best supporting actor in ‘the red sleeve cuff,’ Lee Hak Joo is the best-supporting actor in ‘Going to the blue house like this, Lee Hyun Wook is the supporting actor in ‘Mine.’ The best Supporting Female Actors are Kang Mal Geum is, the best-supporting actress in ‘thirty-nine,’ Kim Shin Rok is, the best-supporting actress in ‘Hell bound,’ Kim Joo Ryeong is, the supporting actress in ‘Squid Game,’ Ok Ja Yeon is the supporting actress in ‘Mine,’ Jang Hye Jin is the supporting actress of ‘the red sleeve Cuff.’

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