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The Chosen Season 3 – All you need to know

The Chosen Season 3 – All you need to know
The Chosen Season 3 – All you need to know

The chosen is a series that has kept the viewers gripped on their screens. The series is based on the life of Jesus Christ.

The Chosen Plot and Release Date:

The Chosen is a series directed by Dallas Jenkins and Jacob Schwarz. It stars Shahar Issac, Jonathan Romie, Elizabeth Tabish, Paras Patel, and many famous stars. The series focuses mainly on the life of Jesus Christ. 

The first season has its main focus on introducing Jesus Christ and the introduction of the initial disciples. It aired in December 2017, and the response received was extremely positive. The second season has its plotline focused on the initial stages of the ministry and how it was formed. It aired in April 2021. The IMDb rating of the show is a gripping 9.6. Moreover, it has a viewership of approximately 15p million. 

There has not been any substantial announcement about the third season yet, but there have been speculations that it will be released in 2022. The third season will primarily focus on the spread of the ministry and how Jesus received fame. The series has been very famous because of its extreme authenticity. It is said that it sticks to the complete authentic story of the Gospels. 


The third season of the series will approximately have the same cast as the first two seasons. The difference will be in some other characters who will be introduced newly. It will probably also have eight episodes as of the first two seasons. The viewers are very excited for the third season as they are eager to increase their religious knowledge and entertain themselves with the beautiful series. 

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