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The daughter wants answers about her mother’s death, Christy Lynn Shelton.

The daughter wants answers about her mother's death, Christy Lynn Shelton

In the 2008 suicide case, one of the women local said that Casey white was her mother as she died by herself doing suicide, and that woman is saying that she knew at that time what had happened. However, the identity of Christy Lynn Shelton is not revealed yet.

Know what exactly was the reason-

As for the case, she was in jail for the 2015 court proceedings on the death case of Connie ridgeway and recently, she has been escaped from the jail. Casey white has the two charges on herself in the case of capital murder. Shelton’s daughter has explained the journey to getting the answer about her mother Christy’s death started in the year 2020. 

 Christy Lynn Shelton

When she had learned and known about the Casey 2020 confession of killing in 2015 to Connie Ridgeway. The daughter of Shelton said that the investigators reached out to Limestone country in the year 2020 in the summer, and she said they had reopened the case.

Know what Shelton’s daughter said-

The daughter of Shelton’s said that her family knew that there was something wrong as her mother had died, and she also said that on the night when she died, White was with Shelton on the 1st February 2008. She also said that White is very tall as her height is 6’9” tall. 

She had that investigators have believed that her death was due to the suicide by saying the quote “sawed-off shotgun”, and she said, “wound was her chest.” Said to the daughter of Shelton, there are some of the things that we’re looking at as there are despite some challenges Shelton faced. 

Her daughter has taken a step because she believes no one will come forward for her mom. Her daughter said that the Limestone county sheriff’s office is in contact with her as Casey recently escaped from jail. There is an investigation going on in the Christy case. She hopes that Casey will speak about the reality of what had happened that time.

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