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The Grooming Gang’s Lies That Provoked Uproar, According To Eleanor Williams

Eleanor Williams
Image credit- bbc News

Eleanor Williams was found accountable for tampering with justice.Eleanor Williams sparked uproar and protests in her hometown when she claimed she was a victim of a grooming gang and had been raped repeatedly.

But because she made up the entire tale, she was found guilty on several charges of perverting the course of justice. Eleanor Williams’ horrifying tale immediately gained popularity online.

Then she was 19 years old, the woman alleged that an Asian gang had drugged, beaten, blackmailed, and threatened to use violence against her as they moved her around for sex around the North of England for “years.”It enthralled Barrow, Cumbria, where she was raised, put pressure on the police, resulted in abuse directed at local media, and incited the far right.

A jury has now determined that her claims of being trafficked internationally and the images of her injuries were all fabrications.

Williams’ bruises, which hundreds of thousands of people saw in her Facebook images, were genuine, but they were the result of her own hand attacking herself with a hammer.

She had been telling the police an even more detailed story months before she posted her lies, claiming a number of innocent males were rapists, sex traffickers, and armed murderers.

She said that one man had forced her to work in a brothel, sold her as a slave, and trafficked her to Amsterdam.

But according to his phone and bank records, he was in B&Q in Barrow at the time. She added that another was an Asian drug dealer who had threatened to kill her and throw her into the ocean if she didn’t have many men to have sex with.

She Allegedly Caused The Wounds To Herself, The Court Heard

Eleanor Williams

Image credit- BBC News

She had been corresponding with a young, white Tesco employee from Essex who was who she actually was.

Although CCTV evidence in Blackpool showed she had been shopping and had spent the night alone in her hotel room, the woman who made the claim said she was forced to have sex with several guys in one night.

Several of the individuals she alleged were detained; one was charged and held without bond for 10 weeks.

Almost three years after her allegations were made public, a jury has now found 22-year-old Williams guilty on eight counts of tampering with the administration of justice.

Grey Presentation Line

This situation was exceptional. There were 46 reported offences of perverting the course of justice in Cumbria in 2020–21. There were 1,177 reports of rape, sexual assault, and trafficking, in contrast.

On the southernmost point of Cumbria, Barrow was attempting to make sense of life during the first Coronavirus lockdown in March 2020. Many people were largely restricted indoors and concentrating on social media.


1. Who is Eleanor Williams?

A. She is 19 years old teenage girl

2. What is Eleanor Williams Nationality?


3. How old is Eleanor Williams?

A. 19 years old

4. What happened to Eleanor Williams?

A. She is in custody

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