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The gruesome murder of Hong Kong model Abby Choi

Hong Kong
Source: Sky news

The city of Hong Kong is considered to be quite secure. Just now, the financial centre has been shaken by a murder of shocking brutality. Missing person reports were made last Wednesday for Abby Cho Tin-fung, a 28-year-old model and socialite. Dismembered pieces of her body were discovered in a residence in the Tai Po neighbourhood of the city two days later. This has resulted in the arrest of her ex-husband and her in-laws.

How much do we know about the murder?

Choi’s absence from her daughter’s school last week led to her disappearance being reported. Alex Kwong Kong-chi, 28, who is accused of killing her, is the father of her two children from a previous marriage. On Sunday, police claimed a seven-seater car had blood splatters inside, suggesting the model had been attacked there.

Parts of her corpse were discovered in a refrigerator in a rural home in the Tai Po area, and the inquiry also took them to a cemetery in the Tseung Kwan O district of Hong Kong. The cops uncovered two enormous soup pots on the residence’s third floor, and one contained human remains.

Hong Kong model gruesome murder case: All four suspects placed in custody and denied bail after appearance in court | The Star

Source: Sky news

In one of the containers was a layer of fatty goodness on top of which were a few radishes and carrots. The South China Morning Post said that the meat was likely human flesh (SCMP). Another pot contained human remains, including a skull and bone fragments. DNA and dental data, so say the investigators, will help establish if the remains belong to Choi.

Two types of meat cleavers, a hammer, other equipment, and face shields were discovered in the flat beside a meat grinder, an electric saw, and two soup pots with human flesh, as reported by SCMP.

A hole measuring (2.6 inches) by (2.2 inches) was discovered near the back of the head, said to Superintendent Alan Chung of Hong Kong’s Kowloon West regional crime section, who spoke with the media. A homicide investigation concluded that a deadly blow had struck her. We still haven’t located the body parts of the victim.

Who committed this murder, and why did they choose Choi?

Local media have speculated that a conflict involving Choi’s high-end real estate might have been the murder reason. According to CNN, authorities captured her ex-husband Alex Kwong Kong-chi on Saturday at a ferry terminal on one of the city’s outer islands. It was on his way out of town that he was ambushed. The cash and high-end timepieces were valued a total of roughly HK$4 million, and the police were able to collect about HK$500,000 from him.

Also detained are Kwong’s mother, father, and brother. On Sunday, charges of murder were brought against Kwong, his father, and his brother. A lady named Ng, 47, has also been detained by police in connection with the investigation. She has been accused of being Kwong’s father’s girlfriend and renting the property’s ground level to him, where the skull and other body parts were found. She may or may not have known about the murder, according to SCMP.

Once Kwong and Choi’s younger son went missing, authorities believe Ng assisted him in evading capture and finding new lodgings in West Kowloon.

According to the media, Choi continued to provide for Kwong’s family even after the couple’s divorce. She helped her brother-in-law get into a house, and her ex-in-laws stayed in a fancy apartment she owned. Some say that her brother-in-law, who was employed as a chauffeur, tracked her down after she went missing.

According to reports, Choi’s ex-father-in-law planned the murder after learning that she planned to sell a HK$70 million property that she had acquired in his name.

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