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The hidden story of Angela Velkei

The hidden story of Angela Velkei

Alberto Del Rio, a well-trained and known Mexican-American player also a promoter, expresses his grief on Twitter about his wife Angela Velkei, who died due to illness. And this leads to getting in talks with the people about Angela Velkei. 

Biography of Angela Velkei:

The name of her husband, Alberto Del Rio. They both have three children who they don’t uncover properly. In 2016, in the case of adultery, Angela Velkei filed for divorce against her husband, Alberto Del Rio. So their marriage came to an end. There is not much information about Angela Velkei as they don’t reveal her birth date. Also, her professional life has been hidden for years.

On Monday, May 2, Alberto Del Rio, the ex-husband of Angela Velkei, announced his wife’s death in deep pain. His notifications surround the entries area by publishing the news on Twitter. A few days back, Alberto Del Rio asked the person who supported him to donate blood and platelets, although he didn’t mention any reasons for his need. Instead, he just asked to do so by visiting the hospital in Mexico.

He also tweets by thanking all the people who helped him and donated blood and platelets throughout this time. He also thanks to the family that was present for his children when he was in need.

The records say that Angela Velkei died on April 30, 2022, fighting to the end to put all her heart out, putting all her strength until her last counting breath in this world. However, she was known to handle her children, namely Sofia, Stephanie, and Joseph, well enough.

He also swears to her children that they will grow up being good men and women in this world as she always dreamt of.

Husband, Alberto del Rio:

Angela Velkei got married to Alberto del Rio, who is known to be a Mexican professional wrestler and also a former mixed martial artist. He signed a three years contract with WWE; he made this news public on June 17, 2009. When they both started feeling, the difference the result made was a divorce that took place in the year 2015. 

Alberto del Rio

They went through many difficulties based on children’s custody and the other properties they own. Although they got divorced, Alberto del Rio got extremely broken inside by the death of his ex-wife. Also, he was the one who handled his children after Angela Velkei in this world.

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