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The king of pigs episode 9 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Reviews

The king of pigs episode 9 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Reviews
The king of pigs episode 9 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Reviews

The king of pigs is a Korean animated drama thriller film. Episode 9 of the king of pigs will be out on screens soon. The new episode will have a different side of the thriller mystery. In the last episode, we saw Kim Cheol’s death. It also showed Hwang Kyung min going through rampant killings after being bullied at school and Kim Cheol’s death. However, some clues say that Kim Cheol didn’t commit suicide.

Further, we can see that Jung Jong Suk is also hiding something. Kang jin ah has also noticed different behavior of Jung Jong Suk. Also, it has been revealed that Jung Jong Suk is suffering from delusion disorder. 

The king of pigs release date:

The new episode of the king of pigs is episode number 9. It will release on 15 April 2022 at 9 am on TV. The storyline has revealed a lot about the past. Many questions are going around in viewers’ minds related to the show, like who will be Hwang Kyung Min’s next target. However, will he be able to kill him? Or will Jong Jung Suk stop him? 

The episode is pretty bi so that viewers can enjoy the story. The episodes are 55 minutes long. 


The king of pigs online streaming:

At the moment, the drama is being streamed on TVING at 9 am KST. But TVING is only available in South Korea. So in different countries, it will release at different times. For example, it will release in India at 12:30 pm, at 1 am in the UK, and at 11 am in Australia. It will be in the USA on 14 April 2022 at 8 am. 

It is a great show as the audience is very excited about the new episode. A lot of new secrets are going to release in this episode. The story is classic and fun.

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