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The news of passing away of Veronica Carlson

The news of passing away of Veronica Carlson
The news of passing away of Veronica Carlson

Veronica Carlson was known for her quality as on one side, she is a tremendous actress(as of a hammer horror film)and on the other, a model and painter but the happiest thing is the news of Veronica Carlson dead at the age of 77. To talk about her, the place where she was born was Veronica Marie Glazer, Yorkshire, England, in 1944 and completed her schooling and college at Thetford Girls’ and High Wycombe College, and the age of twenties was a gem of her life.

The Guideline of her career:

Previously, she was a model and by seeing the photograph of Veronica in a white bikini James Carreras selected her as an actress for his next hammer movie. The throwback of her luck happened at the age of 24 when she did the Dracula Has Risen from the Grave with Christopher Lee. After that, she had done back-to-back successful hustles Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed and The Horror of Frankenstein, making her the actress of hammer horror. She had also done tv series, side roles, and others as well in “Spyder’s Web” (1972), “Public Eye playing Ingrid,” “The Ghost of Saving Banks in Monte Carlo.”The other parts she did were in the renowned areas like” Smashing Time,” “The Best House in London,” “The Ghoul,” Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You,” “Vampira,” and so on. After that, she took a break from her career, spent time with her husband and children, and came back with “House of the Gorgon,” Everyone should remember the recent one, Night of the Devil.

How was the shocking news of Veronica dead released:

It came to know about the death of Veronica from her official Facebook page on February 27, Sunday, when she was a widow at that time. People are saddened with this news of death as Robert J.E.Simpson tweets, “The brilliant Veronica Carlson has died today, aged 77, according to her official Facebook page Sad news indeed – she captivated the screen with her performances and beauty. A Hammer horror regular, much loved by the fans. A gifted artist. Farewell.” There was another quote from the Twitter account of Hammer Gothic that makes a tribute to Veronica, the hammer actress. These quotes show the intensity of people’s love for Veronica Carlson as a well-known actress.

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