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The reports that Rupert Murdoch divorced Jerry Hall through email are true.

Rupert Murdoch
Source: USA Today

A report on the 92-year-old billionaire states that Rupert Murdoch filed for divorce from his fourth wife, Jerry Hall, through email, telling her “we have certainly had some good times, but I have much to do.” In June of 2022, as Hall was waiting for her husband to arrive at their Oxfordshire house, she got the unexpected email.

Rupert Murdoch divorces Jerry Hall

Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of Fox Corporation, has never been out of the spotlight, whether for allegations of biased reporting at Fox News or for his personal life. A startling revelation has emerged concerning his split from ex-wife Jerry Hall, a former supermodel and actress. A buddy of Hall’s claims that Murdoch decided to dissolve his marriage and sent an 11-word email to his wife explaining his decision. You read that correctly. The Mirror said that Murdoch had written Hall a curt email in which he threatened to have his attorneys contact her to discuss ending their marriage. Hall was waiting for him at the couple’s Oxfordshire house, so he mailed the letter while he was there.

The reports that Rupert Murdoch divorced Jerry Hall through email are true.

Source: USA Today

“Jerry, unfortunately I’ve decided to call an end to our marriage,” the purported email said. There was a lot of fun, but I must return to work. I will have my lawyer in New York contact yours right away’, it continued. According to the story, Jerry Hall was allegedly “blindsided” by the breakup. Hall had boasted to her pals that she and the wealthy media tycoon “never fought” and that she had cared for him through various illnesses. The couple’s Bel Air, California residence reportedly gave her only 30 days to leave.

In June of last year, news of the divorce filings began to circulate. In August, Murdoch’s divorce was formalised. Following their breakup, Jerry Hall reportedly refused to share any ideas with the producers of the successful TV show Succession, which is based on the Murdoch family.

Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch were married for six years. This was the first time the ex-supermodel had tied the knot. She was once married to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

Murdoch has one daughter from his marriage to Patricia Booker. He has two children from his marriage to Wendi Deng and two boys from his marriage to Anna Mann.

What is Rupert Murdoch?

Australian businessman Rupert Murdoch is well-known for founding the media conglomerate News Corporation. After his father passed away, he began buying up little Australian newspapers. His first foray into international business was the purchase of a New Zealand newspaper called “The Dominion.” Since then, he has methodically expanded his company into a media powerhouse. He brags about purchasing the “News of the World,” “The Sun,” “The Daily Telegraph,” “The New York Post,” and “HarperCollins,” among other magazines. He has also begun publishing his tabloids, such as ‘The Australian,’ under his name. So many mergers and acquisitions are happening in the United States that he decided to go there and become a citizen.

Career of Rupert Murdoch

When Sir Keith Murdoch passed away in 1952, his son Rupert returned home and seized control of the media empire his father had founded, News Limited. After the young guy bought it, ‘Adelaide News’ became one of the most-read newspapers in the city. This businessman began buying up newspapers in 1956 and by 1960 he had acquired both the “Sunday Times” in Perth, Western Australia, and the “Daily Mirror” from competing media conglomerates. He had also succeeded in expanding his ownership of Australian media outlets.

Rupert learned in 1964 that a bid was being made to purchase ‘The Dominion,’ a Wellington, New Zealand, daily. Canadian business mogul Lord Thomson of Fleet was the second potential buyer. However, it was Murdoch, then age 33, who ultimately came to dominate “The Dominion.” Later that year, he launched ‘The Australian,’ the country’s first daily newspaper, with headquarters in Canberra.
The Australian media mogul first entered the British market by purchasing ‘News of the World’ in 1968, and then ‘The Sun’ the following year. Originally published in broadsheet length, they were shrunk to tabloid size and produced on the same press to save money.

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