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The shocking death of a young boy named Cyrenius Menard.

The shocking death of a young boy named Cyrenius Menard.

A 21-year-old boy died on the spot due to a car accident. Here are more details about him. Cyrenius Menard was a 21-year-old boy. He had completed his education at St. Joseph school. He had a really good reputation in his school and the college where he completed his education.

How was Cyrenius Menard’s life before his death?

Academically he was brilliant. The reason why he was well-known in St. Joseph was because of being good at sports. He was a really good football player from his school times hence he was famous in his school. According to his classmates, he used to always help his teammates with any of their problems and was a kind soul. 

Cyrenius Menard

Details about his family and dating life are not available on the Internet. He was given the defensive tackle position in sacred university during his school days. His coach shared how good he was at football and how they all thought he would make it big in that field.

How did Cyrenius Menard die?

Reports have proved that he has died. The reason for his death was a brutal car accident, due to which he died on the spot. Being an athlete, he was a popular person since his school days. He had a lot of good wishes. All his college friends, school friends, and teammates flooded social media with their prayers for thief late friends. 

Even the staff of St. Joseph school paid tribute to him. He has contributed a lot to his school through sports. Unfortunately, his family and friends are too upset as he lost his life at such a young age. Our prayers go to his family and friends. Details about his funeral have not been revealed yet. We will let you know more details as we come to know.

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