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The TikTok Star, 22, Who Was Arrested With Her Mother For Murder, Mahek Bukhari: 5 Things You Should Know

Mahek Bukhari And Mother’s Trial Over Love

In connection with a crash, 22-year-old Mahek Bukhari and her mother were both taken into custody on Friday, February 11. According to the BBC. On February 16, the aspiring model and TikTok star made an appearance in court alongside her mother and another suspect in the murders of her relatives. The TikToker (who goes by the name @MayBVlogs) risks harsh consequences, even though there is still a lot of material to be revealed from the trial. Here is more information about her and the charges.

1. Mahek Bukhari and her mother are accused of running her cousins off the road.

Mahek’s cousins Saqib Hussain and Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin, all 21, died in a car accident at 1:35 a.m. on February 11. The TikToker, her mother Ansreen Bukhari, 45, and another woman, Natasha Akhtar, 21, were all detained for the incident. Three automobiles crashed with each other in Leicestershire, England, as they were travelling quite swiftly.

2. Police detained two additional crash participants.

Two men were also detained in connection with the accident and are now being charged with murder in addition to Mahek, Ansreen, and Natasha. Rekan Karwan, 28, and Raees Jamal, 21, were the two males detained. Two counts of murder were brought against both.

3. September is anticipated for their trial.

Judge Timothy Spencer cautioned the three ladies during the hearing at Leicester Crown Court about the seriousness of the accusations made against them. You are being charged with the most serious offence in criminal law, he said. Do you realise that? The women all gave yes answers. The women’s hearing is scheduled for March 18 and their trial is scheduled for September 26.

4. On TikTok, Mahek is a fashion influencer.

Under the user name @MayBvlogs, Mahek is best recognised for her fashion-inspired TikTok videos. She has more than 132,000 followers on the well-known app, and her videos have received more than 3 million likes. She frequently participates in TikTok trends, flaunts her clothing in videos, and shares discounts with her followers. She has broadened the reach of her material to include other social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. She has almost 4,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 44,000 Instagram followers.

5. On her TikTok, she made jokes about murder.

While most of her films are about her wardrobe, she has also uploaded a few inconvenient movies where she makes jokes about murder or demonstrates reckless driving before the event with her relatives. In a video she shared, she made fun of telling her lover that she had killed someone on January 3. The video was intended to mimic her conversing with a boy. Before moving to her from a different viewpoint, the subtitle stated, “Babe I killed someone today.

“She lip-synced, “I’ll adore you no matter what. On January 11, Mahek also shared a video montage of her and her pals enjoying evenings out as well as images of a metropolis, given that the vehicle crash was what sparked the murder accusations. While nothing in the video should raise any alarm, there are several that were obviously recorded while driving, which is incredibly dangerous. TikTok has even added a warning label to the movie to signify dangerous behaviour, even though nothing in the video should.

Today’s hearing is scheduled to continue the trial of eight persons accused of ramming two friends’ car off the A46 earlier this year, killing them. Two of the defendants in the case are Mahek Bukhari, a TikTok influencer with around 126,000 followers, and her mother Ansreen.

Following the collision on Friday, February 11, early that morning, Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin and Saqib Hussain perished. Friends from Banbury, Oxfordshire, they were both pronounced dead at the scene not far from Six Hills, Leicestershire.

The trial was suspended after the jury at Leicester Crown Court was sworn in on Tuesday (October 18). After a thorough investigation by Leicestershire Police, all eight accused were charged with murder. All eight, however, have rejected the charge.

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