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The TikTok Star Sienna Mae Gomez is dead or alive.

The TikTok Star Sienna Mae Gomez is dead or alive.
The TikTok Star Sienna Mae Gomez is dead or alive.

The actress Sienna Mae Gomez is not deceased; her death was staged. After the sex claims became public, we believe Jack Wright’s followers developed this story. Sienna is a well-known TikTok star who became famous after her TikTok videos went viral. The two were thought to be dating before the announcement was made public. Sienna reminisced about their first meeting in an interview. She went on to say that she had requested Wright’s twin brother James to join her for the interview, but he was unable to do so, so she took Jack with her.

Jack Wright made his imprint on the internet in high school before joining the Hype House collective as a charter member in December 2019. They met in high school, but it wasn’t until they met in Los Angeles that they became close. Then, in October 2020, Wright and Gomez began uploading videos to TikTok, generating dating rumors. Soon after, Wright released a 17-minute YouTube video in which he detailed Gomez’s claimed sexual assault.

He accused Gomez, who meant to be on the show, of making non-consensual touches while he was unconscious, among other things. The news infuriated TikTok star Gomez, who has since been chastised on social media by Wright followers. As a result, we conclude that her death was fabricated. We aren’t certain about anything, though.

Sienna Mae Gomez is alive despite allegations.

Sienna Mae Gomez is still alive and well. She recently stated unequivocally that she denies all of Wright’s charges. Wright’s film, she claimed, was a “destructive and false version of her history.” A Gomez spokesperson stated, “To our knowledge, there has been no police investigation, not even a police report.” “There have been no charges, no private litigation, and no interaction between Sienna and Jack’s legal teams in months.”

In a statement to NBC on Monday, Wright, on the other hand, stated that he stands by the claims he made in his most recent video. “I feel Sienna is having difficulty accepting the reality about herself and the awful choices she’s made.” “Every single word in my video is true.”

Sienna Mae Gomez And Jack wright Sexual Allegation

Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright were charged with sexual misconduct on May 30. On Twitter, a mutual acquaintance accused Gomez of “sexually assaulting” Wright “several times” and urged him to commit suicide. Gomez rebutted them two days later in a YouTube video. Instead, she said Wright had “misled” her. “It’s for that reason that this has baffled me so much,” Gomez continued. “It was genuine on the internet, and it was genuine in real life, but not always.” Gomez’s counsel said Gomez and Wright had a “consensual and pleasant” relationship. Even though they were juveniles at their internet romance, Wright and Gomez are both 18 years old.

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