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The viral video of a Chrisland schoolgirl got released on Twitter and Reddit — Video of a ten-year-old Chrisland girl

Chrisland schoolgirl got released on Twitter
Chrisland schoolgirl got released on Twitter

Four classmates allegedly gang-raped a 10-year-old girl and filmed and published the crime on social media. The Chrisland school children from Lagos, Nigeria, competed in the World School Games in Dubai from March 8 to 14.

The mother of the child stated her daughter came home as usual, with the school interpreting the incident in the hotel room as a disciplinary matter involving all five children. When a fellow parent showed her the disturbing footage, she realized it was a non-consensual attack. ‘My daughter was dying in quiet, and she couldn’t speak,’ the mother claimed today.

 About the Chrisland school girl viral video

The gang rape was allegedly captured on video and shared on Instagram. Her daughter was suspended when the victim’s mother complained about the school’s handling of the event. ‘To top it off, they sent her a suspension letter when we started confronting them and informing them, we were aware of what happened,’ the girls’ mother claimed. The four other students in the video were also placed on suspension. Chrisland has been ordered to close while Lagos officials investigate. After stating she was being taken to check for Covid, the girl’s mother accused the school of forcing her daughter to undergo a pregnancy test. Chrisland is adamantly opposed to this.

According to Sahara Reporters, a statement from the school’s advisory board read, “We are proud to inform our stakeholders that no rape of anyone or the administration of a pregnancy test on any child took occurred on our watch.”

‘To infer that a pregnancy test was performed on a student, for whatever purpose, is a profoundly unfortunate speculation,’ it continued. ‘We are satisfied this will lay to rest any shred of doubt or cloudy optic that the current frenzy of actions may have prompted,’ they stated, adding that they are happy to sanction ‘scientific or forensic checks.’

‘It was discovered that your daughter was involved in an improper behavior during the recently concluded World School Games in Dubai, with a few of her counterparts willfully participating in a game they called “Truth or Dare,” a game which led her and a few other co-learners to carry out the immoral act after the lights out instruction was given,’ wrote headteacher G.I. Azake to the victim’s mother on April 14.

According to the school, 76 students travelled to the Games and 71 of them provided a “positive example” and “followed moral boundaries.” It said that boys and girls were maintained on different floors to avoid contact, refuting the mother’s claim that the school was negligent.

‘The attention of the Lagos State Police Command has been brought to an alleged rape video supposedly featuring students of Chrisland School, Lagos, which has gone viral on social media,’ said police spokesperson Benjamin Hundey. The command is also aware of the cybercrime component of the incident and will not hesitate to solicit Interpol’s assistance if necessary.’

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