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This year we have lost a young actor named Kurt Perez.

This year we have lost a young actor named Kurt Perez.

Let’s find out why the sudden demise of famous actor Kurt Perez.

Kurt Isaiah Perez was a famous actor known for his excellent performance in the show called “The Blacklist”. He was born and brought up in the Philippines. 

His parents’ name was Erwin Perez and Arlene Marcelo; he had two siblings. He was born on 1st December 1997. His hometown was Cabanatun, Nuevo Ecija, in the Philippines. He completed his education at Angel college. Later he moved to Australia to complete his further education. 

 Kurt Perez.

He has been working in the entertainment industry since 2003. After working in La Visa Loca, he got the best child actor award for his excellent performance in that film. He has worked in various other shows and films as well. He got the title of Ultimate Male survivor in the show StarStruck Kids in 2004. Apart from shows, he has worked in various T.V commercials. He was also known for his role in the movie “Mulawin”.

Is the news of Kurt Perez’s death true?

Kurt Perez has died, but the officials have not confirmed the news. Rumors state that he died due to a car accident. The show’s makers, called The Blacklist, where he was recently working, give an emotional tribute to him at the show’s end. His death is rumored to happen in May 2022. 

He won the hearts of millions of people due to his charming personality and looks. Fans have speculated that he has died, and various fans tweeted about his rumored death. Netizens are saddened by the news and are constantly trying to know the cause of his death. Still, unfortunately, this is the only piece of information available about the rumors of his death on the internet. We will let you know as his family, and close ones confirm the news.

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