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Timmy Pike Cause Of Death For The Emergency Services Director Of Jones County Explained

Timmy Pike
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For almost 20 years, Pike was the county’s fire marshall and director of EMS. He began working there in August 2003, which is 19 years and 5 months ago, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Timmy Pike, the director of EMS for Jones County, acts as a liaison between the county’s, volunteers’, and private EMS services. Trenton, the county seat of Jones County, which is strategically situated between New Bern, Kinston, and Jacksonville, is 22 miles from the North Carolina Global TransPark.

Working collaboratively with local, state, and federal agencies, the Jones County Emergency Management Office’s mission is to save lives and protect property by anticipating, preparing for, and responding to natural and man-made catastrophes.

The County Emergency Operations Center is established and run by the Jones County Emergency Management Office during disasters.

This office is in charge of drafting and maintaining the County Multi-Hazard Emergency Operation Plan as well as acting as a liaison for public safety organisations and Homeland Security grants. Public viewing of this plan is permitted at the County Emergency Management Office.

The Goals Of EMS

Care for county citizens who are ill or injured and need both emergency and non-emergency care is provided by Jones County EMS. The staff members provide care at the Advanced Life Support level, which also includes Intermediate Certification, while operating under the licencing and supervision of the Medical Director.

Jones County is predominantly a rural area. There are no other large businesses in the area; agriculture is its only substantial industry. Most residents commute everyday to the nearby cities of Jacksonville, New Bern, and Kinston.

What Caused Timmy Pike’s Death?

Image credit- Medico topics

Timmy Pike, who was temporarily leading our emergency services department, passed away today. abruptly and tragically, directly as a result of a dreadful incident that the authorities are currently investigating.

There are currently no established reasons for Timmy Pike’s death. The investigation, which is still ongoing, focuses on Timmy Pike’s death’s circumstances. What specifically occurred to cause the person’s death is yet unknown.

Condolences Publish On Media

The message reads, “We are all surprised and Jones County lost a fantastic man. You should also think of his wife Ann, kids Jessica and Bethany, and me. Additionally, the entire county as well as our office. Please send kind thoughts and prayers for peace and comfort.


1. Who was Timmy Pike?

A. He was the Director of Emergency Management Service

2. How did Timmy Pike died?

A. Investigation is going on, details are not announced yet.

3. What was his Nationality?


4. How old was Timmy Pike?

A. 64 years old

5. Cause of death of Timmy Pike?

A. Unknown

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