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Tobias Gutierrez booked under attacking 11 around the city

Tobias Gutierrez booked under attacking 11 around the city
Tobias Gutierrez booked under attacking 11 around the city

Cops in Albuquerque arrested a man suspected of randomly stabbing 11 citizens while riding a BMX bike around the metropolis.

Who attacked the citizens around the city?

Police in Albuquerque city arrested a man suspected of stabbing 11 residents who critically injured two victims while riding a BMX bike around the city over the weekend. Later the suspect was acknowledged as a 42-year-old man named Tobias Gutierrez, who already had a criminal record in court that incorporates lawbreaking offenses that range from robbery housebreak to series and possession of restricted substances.

This stabbing incident took place in Central Avenue, one of the main roads in Albuquerque, and it looked like it was earmarked at random within a few hours. As per the criminal complaint against the suspect, the man later recognized as the recorded criminal, Tobias Gutierrez, asked one of the victims for money and roared offensively before stabbing a knife. This stabbing scene happened near a smoke shop, one of the crime scenes, including a homeless campsite. The police spokesman also said that there is no reason for this attack on the general public.

Furthermore, in a statement on Monday, police in New Mexico’s largest city Albuquerque stated that in the past also, booked under the case of intensified battery with a deadly weapon, and he was put into jail. Also, his arrest documents show that he is a homeless fellow.

Who is Tobias Gutierrez, and what criminal records does he have?

Records in the New Mexico court show that Tobias Gutierrez had been charged and booked under the criminal offense of drug possession and driving while intoxicated over many years. These records also inform that he was found guilty of revoking a license but failed to appear in court for a hearing in 2014. Moreover, he retorted to the court with a handwritten note claiming he was in federal custody in another province and was trying to rectify himself while imprisoned. He was detained in federal custody as he was booked for entering a tribal casino north of Albuquerque with a revolver and ammunition.

Authorities also stated that Tobias Gutierrez got into an argument with a security officer in the casino and dropped the revolver there. Later he got into a vehicle and led police to chase him through a suburb until he crashed and was found hiding somewhere and arrested.

Some records show that he was released from federal custody in 2020; however, there was no information on whether Tobias Gutierrez had a lawyer who could fight his case.

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