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Todd Kochutin Died, Cause of Death, Obituary, Photos, News

Todd Kochutin Died, Cause of Death, Obituary, Photos, News
Todd Kochutin Died, Cause of Death, Obituary, Photos, News

For 17 years, audiences have suffered through ups and downs, literally and figuratively, on Deadly Catch. The show took people into the often intimidating but always exciting world of the crab hunters who roamed the Bering Sea in search of a catch. Naturally, there were severe losses along the way. Not all were connected to the ship, but each was deeply felt by the cast and crew of the show.

Unfortunately, the show recently lost another crew member who barely had time to show the world who he is and what he is capable of. 

How did Todd Kochutin from Deadly Catch die?

According to the obituary printed in Anchorage Daily News, Todd passed away at the age of 30 on February 26, 2021 “as a result of injuries sustained aboard the F/V Patricia Lee”. Todd loved to fish and one can actually see it on his Facebook page. Almost every photo he posted was related to fishing in one way or another. One can feel the joy emanating from each post. It’s the silly, childlike glee that may come from what everyone loves.

Todd Kochutin Died

Todd Kochutin Died

About Todd Kochutin

Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Todd spent his summers in the Bering Sea fishing for “king crab, opilio, Pacific cod, and walleye pollock.” He was a typical young guy who loved music, played the guitar, and, of course, perfected his video game talents. What really made him stand out was his sense of humor, which is probably a prerequisite for a hard job like catching crabs.

The cast of Deadly Catch took Todd Kochutin’s death hard.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Discovery UK, we see Death Catch crew members learned of Todd’s death as it happened. It never gets easier to lose someone like this and the fact is written all over their faces. Captain Bill Wichrowski of Summer Bay is notified that a medical evacuator is on board the Patty Lee. “I hope it’s not Todd,” he said over the radio.

The video flashes back to winter 2020 when Nick McGlashan (who died of a drug overdose in December 2020) told Todd he’s filling in for a guy who “was wearing some pretty big boots”. Todd, who smiles with the confidence of someone who’s been doing this for a while, said, “Well, I’ll do my best. That’s what I’m here for.” Knowing what’s coming makes the feeling especially bittersweet.

When the video cuts back to the present, Captain Bill also praised Todd, still hoping it wasn’t him. Captain Sig Hansen of FV Northwestern, who also follows the news, believes the victim may have been hit with a crab trap (weighing from 600 to 800 pounds).

When news arrived that the man did not survive, the captains reacted with resigned sadness. They were accustomed to death in their work, but for some reason this was different. Landon was the first to inform Captain Bill that Todd has died. Landon showed a picture of himself with Todd and Nick in the camera, and Bill asked the crew to give him a minute. The other captains have mixed feelings about the loss and felt grateful that they were finally going home. 

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