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Todd kochutin- Fisherman of the deadliest catch.

Todd kochutin- Fisherman of the deadliest catch
Todd kochutin- Fisherman of the deadliest catch

Viral videos and news have been surfacing online showcasing the death of the deadliest catch star Todd Kuchutin. Mr. Kochutin was a fun-loving, brave, adventurous fisherman on board with London Cheney and other crew members. Unfortunately, Todd met with an accident on 26 Feb 2020 and lost his life on the spot after batting with king crab. People mourned his loss, and his fans were sad as they lost their beloved star. 

News ahead-

His dear friend Landon Cheney of summer bay informed the news of his death. Todd and Landon were together residents of summer bay, and that’s the place where he lost his life. Todd, the fisherman, died in an accident while catching crabs( the king crab). The Crab fueled up, leading to many injuries. 

Todd couldn’t overcome those threatening injuries and give up. Landon Cheney posted the news on social media to inform his loved Ones about the tragic situation. This horrible news was not easy to gobble down the throat of his family, and it surely did take time to accept the fact.

I just got the major tragic news. My buddy kochutin was fishing in summer bay last night with me and passed away tragically today while he was fishing. Rest in peace, my friend.

Who was Todd Kochutin?

Todd Kochutin was born in Anchorage to Deanna Cochutin and Robert Olsen. He has been enthusiastic and brave since his childhood. His close ones had a lot to say about his amazing personality, and everybody misses him so dearly. He has been a part of Deadliest Catch. Deadliest catch has been a source of actual and figurative ups and downs for many years. We miss you, king.

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