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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Spoilers and New Release Date Explained

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Spoilers
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Spoilers

Since March 2017, the Japanese manga titled Tokyo Revengers, authored and drawn by Ken Wakui, has now been published in Kodansha’s Fortnightly Shonen Publication. The newest chapter, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248, will also be posted on Tuesday without a hiatus. Spoiler-filled details for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 will be addressed there, along with the chapter’s new publication date.  Several major arcs in Tokyo Revengers are nearing their conclusion. Draken’s destiny is already known since he left Takemichi to look for Mikey. Mikey can’t be helped after Draken, so Takemichi attempted to prevent him from going to the evil side. Budo, on the other hand, finally joined Mickey’s group and established his own gang to confront Kanto Wanji. 

Warning: This article will contain spoilers for the upcoming chapter 248 of the manga ‘Tokyo Revengers’.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Spoilers:

In the upcoming chapter 248, the war between the Kanto Manji Group and the Tokyo Manji Group will be ongoing. Chapter 248 will feature a confrontation involving Mitsuya and the Haitani siblings. The fight looks to become more violent, but the battle between the two gangs will resume in the following installment of the manga. In the next parts, the war between both the Kanto Manji Gang and the second-generation Tokyo Manji Gang will be maintained. The last battle here between Kanto Manji Gang and the Tokyo Manji Gang’s second generation has begun. Chapter 248 is a widely anticipated chapter because the manga’s plot is nearing the end of its current arc.

When will chapter 248 be released and where to read it?

The initial release date for Tokyo Revengers chapter 248 was March 30, 2022. The upcoming installment, unfortunately, will be postponed by a week, as per sources on Twitter, after a member of staff came back positive for COVID-19. As a result, fans of the manga will have to spend a few more days waiting for the next part. Fortunately, the manga will resume next week with a new chapter. The newest chapter will now be published on Wednesday,  April 6, 2022. The newest Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 will be released globally. Readers in Japan may read the upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers by purchasing Kodansha’s weekly magazine, as normal. Readers outside of Japan, on the other hand, must use Kodansha’s internet site to locate manga titles. Tokyo Revengers has yet to be released on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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