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Tom Owen Die: Last of the Summer Wine star dies at 73

Tom Owen Die

Tom Owen admirers have been looking for information on his wife. You may read more about Tom Owen’s wife in this article, including her name, age, and marital status.

How did Tom Owen Die?

The actor, who appeared in Upstairs Downstairs and The Bill, passed away at the age of 73.

Tom Owen cause of death

Tom Owen passed away at home, according to his family’s statement.

The family and other close friends have been contacted by medical topics in an effort to get their feedback on the situation. Once there is sufficient data, we will update the page. We’ll soon publish more details about Tom Owen’s cause of death.

Who is Tom Owen Dating?

Tom Owen maintains the secrecy of his private affairs. As additional relationship information becomes available, check back frequently as we will keep this page updated. Let’s look at Tom Owen’s previous relationships, ex-girlfriends, and hookups. Tom Owen likes to keep the specifics of his marital status and divorce private.

A period of time when a person is actively pursuing romantic relationships with several people is referred to as dating. When two single celebrities are spotted together in public, they are frequently referred to be “dating,” which simply indicates that they were spotted together in public and it is unclear if they are just friends, are considering a more personal connection, or are romantically involved.

Who is Tom Owen Wife?

The entertainment business, athletics, modelling, and other industries all have large followings of celebrities in them. Fans of Tom Owen are also trying to find his wife right now. This led to searches for Tom Owen’s wife and Tom Owen’s wife name. If his supporters wanted to learn more about his height, age, and other characteristics, they might use this article to do so.

Tom Owen has a solid reputation thanks to his professional successes. Whether Tom Owen is dating someone or who his wife is, his followers are quite interested to find out. Tom Owen’s wife is Mary Bernadette Therese Moylan

Tom Owen Wife Name

The relationship status of their favourite celebrities is something that people are highly interested in finding out about today. Tom Owen’s Wife is one of the searches on the list, indicating that his followers were curious to find out with whom he was currently dating or cohabitating. Mary Bernadette Therese Moylan is, as was previously stated, Tom Owen’s wife.

Tom Owen Biography

Tom Owen’s biography is offered here because many people might not be familiar with him. Tom Owen, who is currently 73 years old, was born on April 8, 1949, according to allfamousbirthday. According to allfamousbirthday, he is a professional actor who is a citizen of the United Kingdom. Tom Owen has amassed a sizable following as a result of his rising fame.

Tom Owen Height and Age

According to Tom Owen’s biography, he is 5 feet 4 inches tall. The primary consideration when setting goals is age. You might also be curious about Tom Owen’s age. Age is just a number, and it’s never too late to start over, which is undoubtedly true. April 8, 1949 marked Tom Owen’s birth. Currently, he is 73 years old.

Tom Owen Net Worth

Tom Owen has increased in popularity, as was already noted, hence this page includes an estimate of his wealth. His net worth is reportedly $1.5 Million, according to allfamousbirthday. Tom Owen and Mary Bernadette Therese Moylan are happily married and cohabitating.


1. Who is Tom Owen Wife?

Ans. Tom Owen ‘s Wife’s name is Mary Bernadette Therese Moylan.

2. Who is Tom Owen ?

Ans. Tom Owen is an Actor.

3. When did Tom Owen was born?

Ans. Tom Owen was born on April 8, 1949.

4. How old is Tom Owen ?

Ans. He is 73 years.

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