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Tomy Raskin Harward’s student dies by suicide at age 25. how did the champion for justice die?

Tomy Raskin Harward's student dies by suicide at age 25. how did the champion for justice die?

Tomy Raskin was a man who believed in the concept of justice with all his heart. he spent money on charity and he was a man true to his core who loved what he did. he did not just study law and justice for academic excellence. he took those books by heart. 

His father informed the press that Tommy was a young man who was battling depression due to massive inequality and injustice in the world.

Tomy Raskin was a well-read and extremely intelligent person but the helplessness he felt due to massive injustice in the world took him to depression.

Courageous Tomy Raskin was remembered by Harvard:

His family had beautiful things to say about the young Tommy.  “a perfect heart, a perfect soul, a riotously courageous and relentless sense of humor, and a dazzling radiant ming.”

Tommy was remembered by his parents including  politician father Jamie:

both the parents Tommy are Harvard graduates and they made a statement about their son.

“I keep bringing charges against myself for every sign and clue I missed.”

“So, as a congressman and the father of a dead son and two living daughters, I would do everything I could to stop that violent disaster in Tommy Raskin’s memory and spirit”

They share a private service for the late Tommy who was truly a man of honor, and dignity and a believer in many beautiful values.

 he gave a lot of money to charity when they were asked by Harvard for a race and justice-related cause.

How did Tommy Raskin leave the world?

Depression took the life of Raskin. he was not a weak man but an incredibly smart man who lived what he believed in. He made many compelling speeches at Harvard and asked people to end world hunger. one of the many goals young Tommy had was to remove world hunger.

Tomy Raskin Harward's student dies by suicide at age 25.

 He also visited his therapist but his extremely self-aware and intelligent behavior put the Therapist in a doubt and he said Tommy was completely fine.

He has left the world due to depression this disease must not be mocked and therapy should have been available widely to ordinary people.

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