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Travis Whittemore Pilot dead-accused of driving 4 hours

Travis Whittemore Pilot dead-accused of driving 4 hours

Montgomery County prosecutors say, Travis Jared Whittemore, a 35- year-old commercial pilot, drove four hours from the Dallas area to Conroe to have sex with a child under 10. Assistant District Attorney Lola Beckman said that there has been an increase in these cases. Social media apps are like a playground, and kids are the target, she

“It's not a dark web app that you have to be very secretive to access,” she said. “Our kids can use this,” Beckman says one never knows who's really behind it. “These perpetrators do not have typical characteristics,” she said.

What did Travis Whittemore do?

According to court documents, Whitmore traveled from the Dallas area to Conroe last Wednesday to have sex with a child under the age of 10. Beckman said he was an Air Force veteran who served as a pilot for a major airline. This worries them for many reasons. They knew that he traveled internationally as a pilot and had access to others outside of the jurisdiction.

When they confiscated his phone, she said they found child pornography. He is now accused of soliciting minors online and dual possession of child pornography. Beckman said, “If we can catch these pedophiles before they get to our kids, we're doing a great service to the community.”

Whittemore holds $90,000 in bonds. He faces up to 20 years in prison for charging a minor online and up to 10 years for any possession of child pornography. If convicted, he must also be registered as a $ex offender.

Is Travis Whittemore dead?

Travis Whittemore didn't die, but people thought he might have died after his current case was welcomed here on most people’s platforms. There is no such data on his death. Therefore, it can be said that these are just undesirable rumors that circulated without data.

Tweets regarding Travis Whittemore’s incident

Michael tweets, “PILOT ACCUSED OF DRIVING FROM DALLAS TO CONROE FOR SEX WITH 10-YEAR-OLD. Multiple charges of Online Solicitation of a minor and possession of child pornography have been filed against Travis Jared Whittemore, 35, of Denton.”

Defend tweets, “Co-pilot & PhD Travis Whittemore, aged 35, a #texan allegedly drove 4 hours to meet up & be s3xual with a 10yr old girl. Could he have been doing this around the world? What responsibility do the tech companies have in prevention?”

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