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TV and Newspaper Astrologer Mystic Meg Dies at 80

Mystic Meg

Margaret Anne Lake who is popularly known as Mystic Meg renowned for Astrology in several TV shows and Newspapers dies aged 80 after she was hospitalized for getting attacked by the flu.

According to Sun Newspaper, Mystic Meg died on Thursday morning while she was admitted to the Hospital after she was suffering from flu.

Words of Honour for Mystic Meg

Source:- Comic Relief by Getty Images

Dave Shapland who is Meg’s agent released his statement as to how profound Mystic Meg was in the field of Astrology because of which she was followed and respected by millions of people all across the world. Mystic Meg was a respectful and undefeated person in the field of astrology. He ended his statement by affirming the impact Mystic Meg created worldwide.

Israeli-British TV personality Uri Geller penned a note on social media saying that Mystic Meg was so identifiable by her images, name, and work. She also complimented how impeccable, definitive, and quintessential Meg was in her work of fortune-telling. She also bestowed upon Meg lots of love, fortune, and positive energy for her journey to heaven and beyond.

Victoria Newton (Sun Newspaper Editor) also wrote and gave her deepest condolences by saying that it is a grave loss for the Astrology Industry as they have lost the shining star and an exemplary icon of all times.

Mystic Meg has written Horoscopes for more than two decades for the Sun Newspaper which has been an unskippable part of the daily newspaper. She was also accorded the Best Astrologer of all time.

Victoria Newtom further added that Mystic Meg was a gem of a person and her professionalism was par commendable which guided and helped the daily readers. She went on to say that their postbag bears a testament to all this.

Who was Mystic Meg?


Margaret Anne Lake was born in 1942 in Lancashire to Bill Lake who was an RAF aircrewman and Millicent. Meg was taught astrology by her grandmother. She completed her education in English at the University of Leeds. She started her career as a sub-editor in the News of the World and later on was promoted to deputy editor. She began doing regular astrology in that paper in the year 1980.

The breakthrough of her career came in early 1994 when she hosted the show, Mystic Meg Predicts where she appeared weekly on The National Lottery Live. This show’s charm was that Mystic Meg attempted to predict the facts of the future winner. This show went off air in the year 2000.

In the year 2015, Meg launched her website featuring horoscopes, a telephone hotline, and some customized personalized articles.

Mystic Meg was fond of racehorses and owned a number of them under the name of her company named Mystic Meg Limited which was a Bedford-based company. Her horses were named after celestial bodies like Astrodonna, Astronova, and Astroangel. There are other horses too with similar names of celestial bodies.

Mystic Meg did not get married in her entire life and used to live in Notting Hil. She died on 9 March 2023 after being diagnosed with influenza. She succumbed to death in St.Mary Hospital in Paddington, London. She died at the age of 80.

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