The hit 2011 anime Ai no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) is back for a second season. Blue Exorcist – Kyoto Saga picks up with twin brothers Rin and Yukio Okumura and their friends from True Cross Academy, a school for exorcists. The twins had a rough ride in season one. Their world was turned upside down after they discovered that the priest that raised them is not their real father. Rin and Yukio just happen to be the sons of Satan.

No big deal.

Instead of calling up Jerry Springer, the twins decide to dedicate themselves to training at True Cross. Yukio, who suffers from poor physical health, excels in the academy, whereas Rin, who inherited a wealth of nearly uncontrollable demonic power, struggles to find his place and come to terms with his identity. They join the exorcist candidates in a fight to protect the human world, Assiah, from attack by the demon world, Gehenna, and ultimately defeat their father.

The True Cross gang emerge victorious in season one. However, season two presents new challenges. An artifact called the Right Eye of the Impure King has been stolen and has released a dangerous plague. Rin, Yukio and their friends must guard the twin artifact, The Left eye of the Impure King, and prevent it from being stolen as well.  They travel to Kyoto, where the artifact is held, and join the team of exorcists there. Thanks to Rin and Yukio’s heritage, they do not receive  the warmest welcome. Unfortunately, they may have bigger problems to address.

Who is the Impure King? Who wants the Right and Left Eyes of the Impure King and why? Could these be another attempt to destroy Assiah?

Find out for yourself and catch the latest episodes of Blue Exorcist – Kyoto Saga.

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