Unless you have been living under rock for the last ten years, you probably know that Marvel is absolutely dominating the entertainment market and shows no signs of slowing down. After bumping the release date for the highly anticipated “Avengers: Infinity War” up an entire month to April 27, Marvel continues to keep us on our toes. Let’s hope their jump to the Freeform network doesn’t leave fans disappointed.

“Cloak & Dagger” is the latest story to make the transition from comic book to television. It tells the story of two young individuals who are drawn to each other. Due to forces beyond their control, being together may cause more harm than good.

So, how does Marvel’s television take compare to the original comic and subsequent reboots? Well, that’s an interesting question. I would be lying if I said the first trailers don’t leave a bit of room for skepticism. If not for prior knowledge of the comic, I would have simply assumed that it was yet another show about edgy, troubled youth with mysterious superpowers. At first glance, things appear worryingly generic. But a Syfy Wire interview with show runner/creator Joe Polkaski and Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb offer a deeper look into a what may be a promising retelling.

“We changed that a little, but I definitely wanted to talk about police brutality, about the quick trigger finger on boys in hoodies that doesn’t seem to be going away …. It’s something we have to deal with. The young boy with the hooded sweatshirt needs a hero, and we need to see ourselves in him,” said Polkaski. “I think what Aubrey does in that character is amazing, and the same with Olivia. This is a strongly feminist show. We’re gonna deal with opiate abuse. We’re gonna deal with what it’s like to be a woman.”

Tyrone and Tandy

Tyrone Johnson, also known as Cloak, will be portrayed by Aubrey Joseph (“Run All Night”), and Olivia Holt (“Kickin’ It,” “Gnome Alone”) will play Tandy Owen, who becomes Dagger when she and Tyrone are brought together.

In this retelling, Tyrone is a young man from a well-off family. Tandy is running and living on the streets. The story seems to show the two of them thrown together when they are young and then reconnecting as young adults. That connection is where their powers come into the mix. Tyrone and Tandy’s powers are a fantastic play on light and darkness. He can create “cloaks” of darkness to use to his advantage while she can create “daggers” of light.

Based on what the trailers show, things seem to get pretty weird when the two come together. The turmoil of learning to control their powers certainly seems to be a good anchor point for the real turmoil of being two teenagers in a world that is forever challenging our youth. Violence, race, drugs — all of these are issues that young people face in our country every day.

That being said, we’ll have to wait until this June to see what the newest young members of the Marvel family will bring to the table.

Be sure to check out the latest from Marvel Entertainment and tell us what you think of “Cloak & Dagger.”

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