With GOT7’s recent release of their new album, “Flight Log: Turbulence,” many fans of GOT7 will be delighted to know that their favorite seven boys have made their landing on to widely known TV show and movie streaming website, Netflix.

Netflix has brought GOT7’s popular YouTube series, “Real GOT7” and their popular web series/short drama series, “Dream Knight” to their platform. It has been fairly recent since Netflix has started to expand on their library of foreign films and shows, and the addition of GOT7’s series into their vast selection, are bringing another demographic to their service.

This is a big step for GOT7 to be one one of the biggest streaming services worldwide. Those who are new to the K-Pop idol boy group, let alone K-Pop get to see a taste of their life through their “Real GOT7” series and introduce another audience to a whole new genre of music and talent. This is great exposure for GOT7 as they bring a a completely new audience to the table.


“Real GOT7” brings three seasons of behind-the-scenes fun with the GOT7 members. From the making of their music videos to having fun on their off-time when they are not busy with promotions. Fans and new viewers will get a taste of the K-Pop idol life and what goes on in order to produce an album and music video.


“Dream Knight” is a short series about love and friendship as a girl is introduced to 7 magical boys (GOT7) and they bring interesting events to her life. This is a a cute series that many fangirls will be squealing and drowning in their “feels.”

Don’t miss out this opportunity to check out GOT7’s two series on Netflix! Catch it now if you haven’t seen it!

Source: Netflix
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