What’s a party without a few friends? This August, Marvel will give new meaning to the term “buddy system.”

Over the last ten years, Marvel has made the transition from comics and cartoons to the big screen and television. Netflix became the home for four Marvel Originals: “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage” and “The Iron Fist.” These four shows are now set to converge in a new original called “The Defenders.” Modeled after the comic by the same name, “The Defenders” will bring together four of New York’s most unlikely allies to defeat a rising threat, the White Hand.

Defenders 11

It would be easy to compare “The Defenders” to their bigger, shinier sibling, “The Avengers.” However, this ragtag crew is nothing like the heroes that have been cleverly referenced in each original show. The Netflix trailer opens with Jessica Jones, a private investigator with super strength and a drinking problem, in handcuffs. Misty Knight is interrogating her, but Matt Murdock interrupts them, claiming Jessica is his client.

Defenders 1

Matt is a lawyer by day and the Daredevil of Hell’s Kitchen by night. When he isn’t fighting for justice in the courtroom, he is ruthlessly doling it out on the street with his fists. He and Jessica are joined by Luke Cage, Harlem’s hero. Luke and Jessica have a complicated history of lies, murder and romantic entanglement. In the trailer, we see Luke talking to nurse Claire Temple, who serves as one of the main connections between all four shows. Claire tells Luke that there is someone he should meet.

Defenders 2

The trailer jumps to an alleyway. We see Danny Rand, the Iron Fist, chasing down a masked man. Though Danny’s character has not been well received by fans, his role in the Defenders appears to be a busy one. Luke confronts him, and the two engage in a fistfight that doesn’t go as expected for either of them. After Danny manages to land a solid punch on Luke with his glowing “iron fist,” we see Clare playing the mediator, insisting they are both on the same side.

Defenders 3.pngDefenders 4.png

The trailer jumps forward again, and we hear the voice-over of Stick, Matt’s former mentor, running down a laundry list of their flaws and then announcing that “the battle for New York is here.” We see a shot of Elektra, Matt’s former love interest who we last saw in the clutches of the White Hand after her apparent death.

Defenders 5.png

Elektra is back, and she’s brought friends. Sigourney Weaver joins the cast as Alexandra, the villainess of the story. “The more connections you have, the easier it will be to break you,” she says. The trailer suggests that Elektra has joined Alexandra and the White Hand. We see Elektra fighting The Defenders and knocking Matt through a glass wall. Then the real melee breaks out.

Defenders 6Defenders 7

The next scene shows the four of them sitting around a table in a restaurant. Danny declares that they make a good team. “Bulletproof, blind ninja [and] whatever it is you (Jessica) are.” The rest of them don’t look terribly impressed, but they share a smile as the camera pans around the table. All of the pieces are in place.

You can look forward to seeing The Defenders in action this August on Netflix.



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