SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet seen the first episode of Mr. House Husband please watch it here.

Mr. House Husband is the new variety show from KBS World TV. The focus of the show? Men can and should do house chores! There is a small introduction to the cast of the new show. The host is Actor Kim Seung-Woo from the popular K-Drama Iris. Actors Kim Jung-Tae and Bong Tae-Gyu, comedian Moon Se-Yoon, entertainer Kim Il-Joong, and badminton player and commentator Ha Tae-Kwon form part of the cast for this first episode. Among the men in the show, actress Youn Sonha is part of the panel to offer her opinion as a housewife and rate the men on their skills. The first episode features videos from Kim Seung-Woo, Bong Tae-Gyu, and Ha Tae-Kwon.

Kim Seung-Woo showed his great shopping skills at his local super market in his first video by eating at almost every free sample booth and getting multiple varieties of instant noodle packets. He is a regular at the supermarket, most of the employees welcome him like family and mention that he goes grocery shopping about 3 times a week. Seung-Woo mentions that he thinks if men of his father’s generation had helped their wives, they wouldn’t have aged as fast.

Next up we have Tae-Gyu’s video on making baby food. He goes to the organic grocery store and buys organic vegetables, and meat at a butcher shop. He spends over 3 hours preparing the meat, fish, chicken and vegetables to prepare the baby food. While making sure his son Shiha eats well he himself has some meat and pine mushroom to make sure his son is eating the right things. Bong Tae-Gyu thinks that marriage takes two, therefore men should help their wives with the housekeeping.

Next we have Olympic gold medalist and KBS badminton commentator Ha Tae-Kwon. Tae-Kwon wakes up early to make his wife and daughter a very nutritious breakfast. The athlete tiptoes around his kitchen to make sure he doesn’t wake up his, it is rather comical to see such a tall man in that small kitchen bending to reach the stove. Today’s breakfast features kimchi stew, rice, mackerel and fried eggs. It is no surprise that the athlete eats at least half of the food he prepared, he needs as much energy as he can get.

The show closes with Seung-Woo making his famous “her and my mixed noodles.” At first it looks like he is just randomly added toppings to the broth, one very noticeable is the sweet red bean bun which had everyone running for the hills, but at the end everyone had reached noodle nirvana.

The viewer can get closer to these actors and actress by getting a better view at their personal life. I believe this show can slowly start changing the stereotypes that only women should do the house chores. Important tip of the week is how to properly clean anchovies. First squeeze the belly, then pull the head, this should have your anchovies ready to eat or boil in delicious broth!

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