SPOILER ALERT: the following contains spoilers for the second episode of Mr. House Husband.

Episode 2 of Mr. House Husband starts with a brief recap of the previous episode. This week the cast is peeling Cornish hen eggs, however, they did not give tips on how to peel them. I do have a couple of tips, read them below at the end of the recap!

The first video of this episode is by Comedian Moon Se-Yoon, he will be preparing breakfast for his wife and two kids before they leave for school. Se-Yoon prepares rice, beef seaweed soup, a beautiful omelet and grills pork belly. With barely any time to eat, the kids mostly play around and forget to eat the delicious food their father made. Fortunately, Se-Yoon is glad to eat more servings. It is very important for his family to eat at least one meal together, breakfast is the most convenient.

In the next video, we get to see Kim Il-Joong’s housekeeping skills, which are very disappointing, to say the least. As expected Il-Joong gets home to spend precious time on his beloved couch. He manages to even make his children play while he lays down. While grocery shopping for his wife he makes lots of simple mistakes that the other husbands on the show point out. In his solo interview, he confidently rates himself at 97/100, this did not go over well with the other members. Youn Sonha compares him to her own husband and how her household is very similar.

Actor Kim Jung-Tae visits the Gijang Market in Busan. A superstar in his own right when it comes to shopping for seafood. Having been married for only 7 years, he has been doing housekeeping for 30! Jung-Tae is definitely the housekeeping veteran of the show. Not only does he buy lots of vegetables and seafood, he also shows how to clean and cut them properly! This portion of the show is very educational, definitely recommend that you all save this and watch it anytime you need help with cleaning seafood, this man is an expert.

We go back to Moon Se-Yoon’s apartment for recycling and sorting through all the different materials. Se-Yoon makes it seem like simple work, but it takes a lot of strength to sort and clean all the recyclables. He thoroughly cleans and sorts everything, and does a great job at throwing them into the right bins.

The last video is of Kim Il-Joong attending his son’s school event. Kim Hyeon-Joon, Il-Joong’s youngest son, will present a song and a poem along with his classmates. Il-Joong is one of the few fathers in the classroom. Most fathers work during the day it seems, therefore the moms and grandparents are the most likely to show up at school events in the morning. This portion is very heart touching, but let us not forget Il-joong’s habits at home for too long!

This episode ends with a short quiz on recycling, the winner got 30 fertilized eggs, great gift for a homemaker! If you want to see who got the prize, please watch the episode here.

To peel Cornish hen eggs easily, find the spot with air and start peeling from there, or slight roll the egg on the table with some pressure. By rolling the egg, the pressure will crack the shell, but it will not break the egg itself.  While peeling the egg, you must dip it in warm water, this makes for easy peeling. Once it is peeled, put the egg in a bowl with water so it is easier to finish cleaning it. When all the eggs are peeled and in the bowl of water just discard the water and enjoy!

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