Ep. 1&2 Review

EP. 1:   The boys of NCT 127 (Taeil,Taeyong,Yuta,Jaehyun,WinWin.Mark,Haechan) come together for what we can count as the third installment of their reality show called “NCT Life” each season hosts some new members and some old with different themes (previous shows include Bangkok & Seoul). This time “NCT Life: in Paju” has proved to be their best yet calling attention to each member of the NCT sub unit and getting to know all the members charms. This show is based on free time given to the seven boys for one day starting from 2pm to 10pm with the idea of team building between 127. Now you know anytime the term ‘free time’ is waved in an idols face there are those members who are leery of how ‘free’ that time is and the other members who just hear the word and go crazy with ideas. After heavy discussion of what to do with their given free time (sport games, karaoke and of course FOOD!!) they head out to the grocery store with an allowance which they go over but with some aegyo from leader Taeyong they get the generous PD-nim to pick up the rest of the bill. During the car ride to Paju they enjoy the tongue-twister game well some do, Mark who we figure out is the black-hole of NCT 127 later on the future episodes and Chinese member WinWin prove to have difficulty. During the episode you can see hyungs take extra care of WinWin as he is the newest member to NCT with little time to learn Korean.

EP. 2:    We have arrived in Paju with NCT 127 and the weather is nice so is the view with a refreshing backyard and a swimming pool to compliment. It’s 2pm on the dot which marks the beginning of free time where Japanese Member Yuta and Canada native Mark are in charge of sports. They split up into two teams (3:4) Mark,Taeyong and eldest hyung Taeil are on one team while Yuta, Jonghyun, WinWin and maknae Haechan make up team two. Soccer is the first game they decide to play but with a small rubber ball to make things more interesting which it does, causing Taeil to slip off the playing field more than once and Yuta to hide the ball under his shirt slyly trying to score a goal that way. NCT 127 show their comical side while playing and exhausting game of mini-soccer but ultimately the winner is Yuta’s team! Up next is Head Soccer, a game famous with NCT(as previously played in ‘NCT LIFE: Seoul) with the ping-pong table set up game two begins. The competition between the members ignite as they play a neck to neck game which holds the most humor while members become confident in themselves even though their skills show otherwise. Mark can’t seem to get the concept of head soccer as he repeatedly slams the ball on his own side and ultimately loses the match for his team, giving Yuta’s team their second win. More games are played for fun(basketball & foot volleyball) and water guns are sprayed at the losers (Taeil, Mark, Taeyong) which brings and end to Mark and Yuta’s free time segment. This episode really showed Taeil’s reality complex and Mark’s role in NCT as the black-hole but in the cutest way.

Comeback next week for review of episodes 3&4. Watch Episodes 1&2 below:

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