Hello My Twenties (Age of Youth) is a drama-comedy revolving around the lives of five twenty-something women who must navigate the ups and downs of adulthood. If you’re interested in slice-of-life dramas, here are ten reasons to check this one out.

1.) The cast: This drama stars Park Hye-Soo as Yoo Eun-Jae, the youngest of the group. Han Ye-Ri portrays the oldest in the house, Yoon Jin-myung Park Eun-Bin plays the free-spirited Song Ji-Won and Ryu Hwa-Young portrays Kang Yi-Na, a woman who isn’t afraid to use a man for what she wants. Finally, Han Seung-Yeon plays Jung Ye-Eun, a young woman who has a few things to learn about herself and her relationship.

2.) The setting: The setting of this drama is divided between where the roommates live, work and go to school. The main location is the home that they share, called Belle Epoque. The house serves as a retreat and refuge as well as the stage for confrontations.

3.) The plot:  Twenty-year-old Eun-Jae moves into a shared house as she starts attending college. She is quiet and timid, which contrasts sharply to the other women that she meets one by one. The story follows Eun-Jae and the other housemates as they learn how to respect one another and themselves while living in the same space.

4.) The humor: This drama is hilarious. It takes a comedic look at the very real problems of roommates. Eun-Jae’s nearly painful shyness lands her in more than a few awkward situations ranging from agonizing over the return of a borrowed pen to being utterly clueless when it comes to men. She clashes several times with Jin-Myung, believing that the chilly woman hates her. Yi-Na’s promiscuity leads to a cat-fight between her and Ye-Eun. Ji-Won’s struggle to date and her drinking habits only add to the tangled mess that the roommates must work through.

5.) The struggles: Family, money, and romance are three of the biggest sources of conflict for the five housemates. Yi-Na makes her way by spending the money of the men she sleeps with. Jin-Myung works several jobs back to back in order to pay her rent while supporting an ailing family member. Ye-Eun’s boyfriend turns out to be a disappointment and her relationship falls apart. Ji-Won has returned from abroad and doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself. Eun-Jae has a deep secret that has kept her from being able to truly connect with others and be herself.

6.) The music: The Age of Youth OST  does a wonderful job of setting up different moments throughout the series. The song for the opening credits, Dick and Jane by Sidney York, is cheerful and light. The bouncy, catchy tune and carefree lyrics are well suited for a slice-of-life drama.

7.) The relate-able elements: This drama does a fantastic job of presenting the characters in a more normal, relatable fashion. No one is perfect. The ladies of Belle Epoque are no exception.

8.) The scandalous moments: The housemates stumble through their fair share of unmentionable instances. A pair of men’s boxers is discovered in the apartment and accusations fly left and right. Yi-Na must content with a rejected man who decides to linger outside of their home until she talks to him and, on top of that, she chats up and older man at a bar. Later, it is revealed that the man is investigating Eun-Jae’s past.

9.) The romance: The romantic relationships between the housemates and their boyfriends/perspective love interests play a major part in this show. Some of the characters are either clueless or resistant whereas others find themselves caught up in problems caused by those romances.

10.) The FUN: Finally, this drama is simply fun to watch. Season one takes viewers through so many ups and downs, twists and turns and surprising revelations. The characters grow a great deal throughout the series and the viewers get to experience those changes with them.

Want to see how the ladies of Belle Epoque are handling adulthood? Episodes of season one are available now on Netflix and DramaFever.



  1. Yes! I definitely loved the show so much! I just graduated University and I relate to these girls so much! I want a Season 3 so bad!

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