WONG FU PRODUCTIONS is headed by Chinese-American filmmakers Philip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu. Mostly known for their YouTube channel (with +2.7 million subscribers and +422 million views.) and are now running a very successful independent production company. Their channel includes short films, music videos and vlogs that predominantly feature Asian Americans with a world wide fan base. On their YouTube they have also released their brand new series titled ‘SINGLE BY 30’ on YouTube Red. On August 24 ‘SINGLE BY 30’ was released.

This romantic comedy series is about two high school best friends who made “the promise” to marry one another if they were both single by 30. Flash forward to 12 years later when the pair run into each other as adults by the almighty fate, neither married or any plans to do so as 30 slowly approaches. Will they be able to honor the pact that was made all those years ago? Conflicted with the unsettled reality of their lives, (both of them recently went through bad break ups) they decide to reinstate the pact to help each other improve their dating lives. 

The episode starts off with an one-sided crush as the main male lead (Peter) shows interest in the main female lead (Joanna) who is convinced that their future will be scary but work out somehow trying to reassure Peter, who seems doubtful of his future already. The fast paced pilot episode informs us of that the two middle aged leads have had past relationships that went south, Peter thinks it’s for the best but Joanna seems to be hiding something she can’t let go of. The agreement made between the two to help each other successfully date other people before Joanna turns 30 has put Peter in the friend-zone once again but will he stay their forever or finally work up the courage he didn’t have twelve years ago…

The eight episodes feature a diverse cast (traditional and YouTube talent) including: Harry Shum Jr., Kina Grannis, Eric OchoaAnna Akana, Hillary Matthews, Manon Mathews  full episode below:




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