SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 306th episode of Hello Counselor,please watch it here.

This episode of Hello Counselor, the special guests are Choa and Hye-Jeong from the popular girl group AOA, and the announcer Shin Ayoung. This week we have a young mother worried about her mother’s reckless behavior, a mother who doesn’t seem to communicate with her son, and a sister concerned for her older sister’s health.

The young mother, Han Jung-Min, is worried because her mother will often feed her daughter things a baby should not be eating and will not properly take care of her. Her mom’s excuse is that she drank toilet water and ate dirt and she turned out just fine, her daughter will be fine too. The main problem is that her mother is unwilling to let Jung-Min and her husband decide how to raise their daughter, she thinks she is not doing any harm. Even though Jung-Min is peculiar with how she raises her daughter, she should be able to choose how her daughter is raised and the things she eats or does. The audience voted, with a total of 13o votes, many think this is a concern.

Next is the ghost son. Lee Hyang-Geum often takes sleeping pills due to her insomnia caused by her 23-year-old son staying out all night. He often goes to clubs, meets friends to have a couple of drinks, or meets his girlfriend after his work. Because he has lived on his own for 9 years, he isn’t used to his mother always cornering him and asking what he is doing. This issue can be easily resolved with better communication., therefore the audience gave them only 70 points.

Last is a sister worried about her sister’s extreme diets and binging. Ko Ara’s sister will often go on diets eating only a hot potato each day for months, once she loses the desired amount of weight, she will treat herself and rapidly gain it all back. Along with these diets, her older sister will often ask Ara to eat big meals so that she doesn’t fall to temptation. Also, she will often take Ara to exercise and do yoga because she doesn’t want to do these things alone. Without realizing it, she was becoming an inconvenience to her family members. Often the root of the problem is an emotional trauma, it is revealed that her father would often bully her because of her weight when she was little. She asked Lee Young-Ja for advice on how to have more self-esteem. The comedian’s response: “losing weight is not the important thing.”  She needs to love herself the way she is first, then worry about her image. With only 88 points, the audience thinks this is not a concern.


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