SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 308th episode of Hello Counselor,please watch it here. 

The special guests for this episode of Hello Counselor are model and actress Jung Kaeum, and Cheng Xiao and Bona from Cosmic Girls. This episode features a man whose wife is a workaholic, a mother worried about her daughter’s plastic surgery obsession, and a son who is tired of his father’s pranks.

The husband, No Soo-Hwang, worries for his wife’s health and their family’s relationship. His wife often works long hours and doesn’t arrive home until 2 a.m. She spends little to no time with their three young children, and even took a part time job when he had gone away on a business trip. Her mother takes care of their children but is also not very healthy. It seems his wife is very dependent on her parents, and very selfish as well. With 174 votes, the audience deemed this a huge concern.

Jeong Sang-Hee’s daughter has had countless plastic surgery procedures to achieve her desired look. Sang-Hee is worried her daughter will become a monster due to all the surgeries she has gone through, she also worries about the side effects the surgeries could have on her. Her daughter admitted that she is obsessed with how she looks and what people say about her on SNS, she likes it when people give her a lot of compliments. Although it is a concern, with only 118 votes, they do not win this week.

Lastly, Hwang Soon-Yeon is 13 years old and tired of his father’s rough play. The more his father drinks, the more aggressive he becomes with his pranks. After hearing Soon-Yeon’s mother speak of her husband’s action, they realized the problem is the excessive drinking. His father promised to drink less for his health, and promised to be nicer and not so rough. With only 46 votes, this is not a concern.

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