SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 309th episode of Hello Counselor, please watch it here.

This week’s guests are announcer Cho Choon-Hyun, comedian Lee Suji, and actor Hwang Dong-Joo. Before being on the set, Lee Young-Ja and Cho Choon-Hyun form an instant friendship, they seem like the ideal couple. For this episode, we have a mother tired of her son’s excessive buying, a young man banned from fishing, and a woman who must take care of a king-like man.

Jeong Sook-Ja has no idea what her son hides in his bag, he is constantly buying cables and batteries. Ever since he had come back from military service, all he does buy things that are unnecessary. In total her son spent almost $10,000 of her money on cables and backup batteries! Unable to find a solution to the problem, his mom decided to take away her credit card and give him an allowance so he doesn’t overspend. With 158 votes, this is a concern.

As a 6th grader, Cho Seung-Min only wants to fish. Ever since he was very young, his father would take him fishing. Tired of Seung-Min not doing his homework and studying, his mother has banned him from fishing. Even though he is not a bad student, his mother is unable to see her son making a career out of fishing. As a surprise guest, his idol Lee Gap-Cheol was brought on the show. He tried to convince Seung-Min’s mother that he could become very successful as a professional fisherman. As a gift to his youngest fan, Gap-Choel brought one of his fishing rods. Even though his mother is still reluctant, the audience only gave Seung-Min 97 votes, making this not a concern.

The last story is about a woman who lives with a king. Ko Seo-Yeon is constantly scolded by her husband and is ordered around by him. Unfortunately, her husband doesn’t see anything wrong with the way he treats her. Before listening to his side, the audience had already decided on their judgment. He promised to try harder to help her around the house and with their children. With a total of 159 votes, not only is this a concern, but it is the winner of this week’s show on worries.

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