SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 310th episode of Hello Counselor, please watch it here.

This episode of Hello Counselor features not just concerns from foreigners to South Korea, the guests are also foreigners. The guests are Kangnam, Cau Lu, Robin, and Benji from B.I.G. The stories for today are of a Brazilian man whose wife tends to be mean, an American man who wants everyone to know he is not gay, and a man from Nepal who wishes his wife would trust him more.

Jumping into the stories, Bernardo is a man from Brazil who married a woman from South Korea. They had been living in Brazil for 2 years, but recently moved back to Korea. Bernardo claims that his wife always rushes him and won’t let him rest for too long. She constantly nags him to do things faster and to work harder. He is currently attending a language school to better learn Korean and takes care of the house while his wife works. She says she wants him to get used to living in South Korea, and part of that is changing his way of doing things. Despite her constantly complaining, her family members like the way Bernardo is. He only asks for his wife to praise him more for all the hard work. With 124 votes, the audience thinks this is a concern.

The second story of the day is from an American man named Alex. He is tired of his friends always saying he is feminine, and asking him if he is gay. Some of the things most people point out as “signs” of him being gay are: he often wears foundation, he plucks his eyebrows to keep them neat, he wears an earring, and he lifts his pinky when he drinks. These are traits most people believe only women or very feminine men have. Alex wants to make sure that people know he is not gay and is very much interested in women. With only 67 votes, this is not a concern.

The last story for the episode is from Gumbir, a man from Nepal that has been living in South Korea for over 10 years. Gumbir’s wife often calls his phone and shows up unannounced at clubs or their restaurant. She mentions that the reason for this is because a couple of years ago, he had stayed in the restaurant talking to a woman until 6 in the morning. His friends say that they feel uncomfortable because his wife calls every 10 to 20 minutes. Both Gumbir and his wife are very stubborn, neither one wants to admit they are wrong. Despite their arguments, the couple still loves one another and hope to live side by side for many years. With only 94 votes, this is also not a concern.

The stories from today can only give hope for interracial marriages around the world. Despite the cultural differences and language barriers, they may face, love conquers all. With love and support from family and friends, it can be easier to take the leap forward and pursue your dreams. Stay tuned for the next Hello Counselor episode.

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