SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 310th episode of Hello Counselor, please watch it here.

The guests for this episode of Hello Counselor are Yeo Esther and her husband Hong Hyegeol. This episode features the stories from a mother whose daughter won’t stop having children, a granddaughter treated unfairly, and a friend who is constantly embarrassed by his energetic friend.

Kim Yoonja’s daughter has eight children and plans on having four more within the next couple of years. Yoonja is concerned for her daughter’s health and future economic situation. Although she loves her grandchildren, she wishes her daughter would stop having kids. Her daughter justifies having many children by saying she is happy with a big family. Her husband had wanted to stop at four children, but his wife keeps getting her way. Aside from wanting more children, Yoonja’s daughter is also planning to move her family to Canada. Seeing that Yoonja’s daughter will not change her mind, with 139 votes, the audience thinks this is a big concern.

The second concern of the episode is a young girl whose grandmother treats her inferiorly to her older sister. Choi Gahye’s grandmother often makes her run errands alone and blames her for any small accidents that happen around her house. Even though Gahye’s older sister often tells their grandmother it was her fault, the grandmother continues to blame Gahye. The grandmother seems very controlling of the family and shows favoritism. Gahye’s mother knows of her mother-in-law’s favoritism and mentions that ever since Gahye could talk, she asked not to go to her grandmother’s house. With 137 votes, although the audience found this to be a big concern, it was not the winner of the episode.

Lee Gwanghoon’s friend is very energetic and is not afraid to be the first to say “hi.” She comfortably approaches strangers and introduces herself. His friend randomly dances in the street and with strangers. His friend demonstrates on stage what she normally does at a restaurant when approaching strangers. Gwanghoon only wants his friend to focus more on herself and try to meet fewer people. With only 67 votes, the audience does not find this story concerning.

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