SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 312th episode of Hello Counselor, please watch it here.

This week’s guests are MC Gree and Hong Jin Young. For this episode, we have stories from a woman desperate for her husband to keep a job, a father whose daughter avoids him at all costs, and a college student whose parents won’t support his dream to become a rapper.

Jeon Heewon’s husband constantly resigns from his jobs, in the past two years he has had six different jobs. Due to her husband’s recurring unemployed status, they must often borrow money from family members. She is unable to work because they have a nine-month-old daughter that she must look after. Despite the family’s financial binds, Heewon’s husband drinks every night.  He does not think Heewon would leave him because of his job insecurity. With 157 votes from the audience, this is the biggest concern of the episode.

Since very young, Seo Sanghwa’s daughter avoided him in public. The concerned father has tried to appeal to his youngest daughter by changing his style, dyeing his hair and even listening to her favorite music. Thus far, all his efforts have been fruitless, his daughter continues to avoid him at all costs. His oldest daughter is just as confused as to why her sister avoids their father. Sanghwa’s youngest daughter claims that he constantly embarrasses her in front of her classmates and that he doesn’t listen to her complains about it. Both father and daughter promised to try harder to rebuild their relationship. With 118 votes, the audience did not see this as a big concern.

The last concern of this episode is from Kim Jaeoh, a college student who dreams of becoming a rapper. Jaeoh’s parents oppose his dream, they hope he will continue studying and give up his rapping aspirations. Jaeoh, known by his rapper name Oh Jae Ga Jae, fell in love with rap in high school. Oh Jae Ga Jae has gained confidence through rap. Minos and Hanhae, Korean rappers, were brought as special guests to judge Oh Jae Ga Jae’s skills and rhythm. Even though Minos and Hanhae thought that with practice Oh Jae Ga Jae could become a professional rapper, his parents are still against it. With 142 votes, the audience did not think this was the biggest concern of the episode.

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