SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 313th episode of Hello Counselor, please watch it here.

The guests for this week’s episode are actress Park Haemi, Cho Hyeryeon, and vocalist Lee Michelle. All three guests form part of the musical “Nonsense 2” in Seoul. This episode features a young man with an abusive girlfriend, a worried mother whose son won’t leave his room, and a man from Nigeria who wants Koreans to accept him.

Kim Jeong-Hun’s girlfriend is very abusive towards him. She is often seen hitting him, kicking him and even pulling his hair. Ever since the very first day they met, she has mistreated him. Jeong-Hun feels embarrassed of his girlfriend’s treatment towards him, and her treatment towards his male friends. He is not her only target. She claims that her behavior stems from her days as a teenager in a coed high school. Per her, most of the students would hit each other. Unfortunately, Jeong-Hun is not comfortable with her attitude. He had remained silent about how he felt because he feared she would leave him, but he has had enough. With 146 votes, the audience thinks this is a very big worry.

Cha Sook-Jin’s son has lost an incredible 80 kg in almost two years. She thought her son would be more confident and social after the weight loss, but he shuts himself up in his room and will not talk to anyone. He is rude towards his family and is always in a bad mood. Her son explains that he has not reached his ideal weight, and going out with friends would mean breaking his strict diet and most likely gaining weight. Furthermore, his extreme diet makes him cranky, and he vents his frustration to his family. Sook-Jin thinks her son should start living his life, just like everyone else, and stop excessively worrying about his weight. With only 84 votes, the audience doesn’t think this is a big worry.

Uzoh Paul is a Nigerian man who has lived in South Korea for almost nine years. He wants Koreans to know that he is a nice man and that they should not fear him. Many people will not sit or be next to him in public transportation, Paul believes it is because he is black. Anytime he mentions he is from an African country, people change their attitude towards him. He even has had trouble when dating Korean women, he and his partner are stared down when holding hands in public. Paul fears that when applying for jobs, he will not be hired due to his race. With 108 votes, this is not the biggest worry of the episode.

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