SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 313th episode of Hello Counselor, please watch it here.

The guests for this episode of Hello Counselor are Gyeon-Gree from 9muses, comedian Kim Soo-Yong, and actress Lee Hys. This episode features stories from a wife whose husband constantly changes businesses, a young man who is afraid of women, and a woman whose husband and daughter are very lazy.

Kim Jeong-Hee’s husband constantly opens and closes restaurants without consulting her. Her husband is slowly consuming their savings on opening new restaurants. The longest running restaurant her husband had kept was a Chinese restaurant, he sold it after 10 years. Most if not all of his past businesses were sold to family members. Some of these took off, while others were closed. His wife was not as expressive, but her mother-in-law explained how frustrated she felt that her son was stressing his wife. Jeong-Hee’s husband is very stubborn but promises to consult her before he makes any radical changes. With 140 votes, the audience sees this a worry.

Choi Ji-Yong is a 20-year-old college student who is petrified of women. He cannot even look at women’s pictures. When Ji-Yong is near a woman, he becomes very self-aware, sweats and will not even look towards where the woman is. Ji-Yong was secretly recorded by the crew while one of the female producers went into the waiting room to talk to him, he did not look at her and barely responded to her. His friends are concerned because they normally speak for him to female professors, but they want him to slowly get over his fear. With 101 votes, the audience did not see this as a big worry.

Park Eun-Ji’s husband and 15-year-old daughter are very lazy. Her daughter lays on the living room couch for hours without moving, not even to drink water. Eun-Ji brought video proof of her daughter laying down for hours while she cleaned. Her husband has recently changed and has begun helping her with the dishes at home. Both parents realize that they are partially at fault for their daughter’s laziness. Her daughter promises to try to be more active and not be a burden, and Eun-Ji apologizes to her daughter for pressuring her too much and for not letting her be more independent. With only 45 votes, this is not a worry.

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