SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 313th episode of Hello Counselor, please watch it here.

The guests for this episode of Hello Counselor are Super Junior’s Shin-Dong and Mi-Joo and Su-Jeong from Lovelyz. This episode features stories from a man tired of his older brother who coddles him, a mother worried about her son’s livelihood choice, and a wife worried about her childish husband.

Jang Tae-Won’s older brother constantly calls him “baby” or “prince”. Despite being a grown man, Tae-Won is treated as a child by his brother. Even though he has continuously complained and express his discontent. His brother’s immense affection doesn’t stop with names and verbal verification. He will insist on sleeping with his brother and will hug him in public. Tae-Won finds it annoying that his older brother will not stop pestering him with all this love and affection. His brother disclosed that when Tae-Won was a child he was involved in a car accident, he was hit by a truck and almost died. Because of this, his brother doesn’t want to go a day without making Tae-Won feeling loved. With 69 votes, the audience doesn’t think this a worry at all

The next story comes from Choi Bong-Ran, a mother worried about her son’s future. Her 15-year-old son aspires to be a farmer when he grows up. Every day he wakes up at five in the morning to feed chickens and his morning routine at his grandparent’s farm. He attends school but will leave early or not show up at all to take care of the farm and his animals. Bong-Ran is worried that her son isn’t studying like other children his age should. He is an old man trapped in a teenager’s body. His mother’s biggest worry is the handling of dangerous machinery without safety gear. With 113 votes, the audience believes this is a worry.

Finally, Kwak Jeong-Hee is worried about her husband’s immaturity. At 60, her husband continues to play soccer, sustaining injuries and is often in dangerous situations while taking photographs. His camera equipment is worth about $100,000, which he paid for with loans and his retirement pension. He often ignores his wife’s phone calls while he is out taking pictures because he is too focused. The couple have a separate room for his clothes. His children nicknamed him the “Chairman” because of his constant need for an assistant. Despite being retired, he does not help his wife at home. Jeong-Hee has no free time to visit her friends or even enjoy a walk with her husband. At the end of the episode, her husband realized that he has only thought of his wants and needs and completely disregarded his wife. The audience gave this story 158 votes, making this a very serious worry.

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