SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 10th episode of Mr. House Husband, please watch it here. 

This episode we start out with Eli from U-KISS making a homemade cleaning product for his home, so that no chemicals are used around his son. As a request from his wife, the young singer cleans their restroom and changes the curtains. As an extra gesture, Eli makes a meal for his wife before leaving for a while. The cast is shocked to see how the couple comfortably kisses in front of the cameras.

Second up we have the unlikely pair Kim Il-Joong and Kim Jung-Tae. Despite their obvious differences, the two men seem to get along well. This time the pair will make oysters for stamina. Jung-Tae has brought shelled oysters and oysters with no shells. Once again, Il-Joong surprises everyone by helping the veteran housekeeper complete the tasks. After seeing how great it is to be with Kim Jung-Tae, the other cast members want to also partake in the veteran’s videos.

The dynamic duo broke up for this week’s episode, and a new friendship was born. Moon Se-Yoon and Kim Seung-Woo meet to make sausages. Opposite the videos with Bong Tae-Gyu, Seung-Woo does not complain and does most the work for Se-Yoon. This is due to the comedian’s ability to handle the actor. They spent much of the time and not really preparing for their families. It seems like the old dynamic duo may not be getting back together.

As the final video for this episode, Bong Tae-Gyu stepped away from the kitchen and is trying something new. The young actor has decided to make a thinking chair for his son Shiha. Although out of his element, Tae-Gyu manages to make a nice wooden chair for his son, with help from a professional.  At the end, we can see Shiha trying out his new chair.

The 6th Housekeeping King is announced at the end of the episode, please watch it here.


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