SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched the 11th episode of Mr. House Husband, please watch it here.

Jumping into the first video of this episode, Kim Jung-Tae, and Kim Il-Joong are once again paired together. The unlikely pair is quickly developing a strong friendship. This time they attempt to refurbish Il-Joong’s glorious couch. They arrive at a traditional market to buy the filling of the couch and the cloth. Once they’ve bought the materials the pair stop at a restaurant where Jung-Tae would eat before he got married. The owner immediately recognizes him, everyone is touched by the unexpected reunion. Once they get to Kim Il-Joong’s place, the refurbishing begins. Everyone soon found out that even though Kim Jung-Tae is great at many things, refurbishing a couch isn’t one of them.

Surprisingly, Eli is back for the third episode with a promise of a fourth. In this video, we get to see his fatherly side as he feeds and changes his son Minsu. The task of the day is to rearrange the guest room into a room for Minsu. Even though his wife is reluctant about the change, Eli gets his way at the end. After hours of hard work, Eli finishes his son’s room. His wife thanked him by mixing his black bean sauce noodles. Before his video, Eli talked about the struggles he faced trying to become an artist and then later when he went public with his marriage.

Moon Se-Yoon once again calls his friends over for a surprise assignment. This time, they will decorate and make food for a children’s party. The three men start preparing the food after decorating the apartment living room. Despite ruining the noodle soup, they managed to prepare everything just in time for the kids to arrive. Unfortunately, their hard work was in vain, the kids didn’t touch the food and ran straight to the balloons and later the presents.  Maybe next time it will be better.

Finally, Bong Tae-Gyu learns how to make bread for his family at a bakery. With the help of Chef Susumu, Tae-Gyu learned how to bake heart-shaped bread and Yakisoba for his family. Watch how you can make bread and Yakisoba here.

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