SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet watched this episode of Mr. House Husband, please watch it here.

This week’s episode of Mr. House Husband is different from the others. Instead of the regular panel and videos, the housekeeping men will take a trip to Busan, where they will learn how to make traditional holiday food at Kim Jung-Tae’s home.

We start the show at the train station where five men meet to travel together towards Busan. Eli’s wife took the effort to prepare lunch boxes for everyone, including the staff. They were all very happy and grateful. Once in Busan, they get down to business. Their first stop is a traditional market where they split into three groups of two. Seung-Woo and Il-Joong, Jung-Tae with Se-Yoon, and Tae-Gyu with Eli. The three teams split off in search of all the ingredients.

The star team this week is Bong Tae-Gyu and Eli, they are the first to finish all their shopping with spare time. As usual, Seung-Woo cannot stop himself from eating anything available at the market. To make himself less guilty, he drags the gullible Il-Joong to follow in his footsteps. Despite being sidetracked plenty of times, they are second to finish their grocery shopping. Surprisingly, Jung-Tae and Se-Yoon were almost late to finish their shopping, with only 10 minutes until the time was up, they managed to sneak in a cup of coffee.

The cast could not miss going to the beach on their trip to Busan. Their 5-minute stop turned into a wrestling match. the winner would be granted an hour of sleep during their arduous kitchen labors. The men drew a crowd as they wrestled for a nap. You can watch who won the match here. Once at Jung-Tae’s house, the men started working right away preparing all the ingredients. Stay tuned next week for part 2.

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